Guns & Gulaabs – Episode 5 Recap & Review

Chapter 5: Do Dil Mil Rahe Hain

Episode 5 of Guns & Gulaabs starts with a flashback of Arjun meeting IAS Officer Pratap. He cracks a deal with Pratap and agrees to pay him a hefty amount of cash in exchange for being left alone. Pratap asks for an even higher amount for all the damages he has incurred over the years after being incarcerated and Arjun agrees to it.

The next morning, Tipu tells Jugnu and other members of the Ganchi gang that Ganchi is waking up. The doctor claims that Ganchi’s health is improving while Jugnu decides to talk to Arjun in order to make sure that the deal comes to fruition.

In private, Jugnu tells Nirmal that he wants to crack the deal while Ganchi is sick in order to prove a point to the old man. He wanted to show his father that he was capable too and doesn’t like the fact that he’s getting better. Jyotsna and Lalkrishna are on their way back home when she thanks him for cleaning up the obscene sketch.

Meanwhile, Arjun makes Jugnu and Mahinder wait at the bureau and shows up very late. He refuses to make a deal with Jugnu which further sets him off. Tipu takes Chandralekha out on an ice cream date. During the date, the two talk about the fact that Tipu has joined a gang just like his father.

Tipu asks about Chandralekha’s family and they share a ride after their ice-cream date. As he drops her off, Chandralekha asks Tipu to keep their date a secret and walks the rest of her way home. Jugnu is agitated after the conversation with Arjun and sends his men to collect the opium crops from the government-employed farmers as well in order to meet the Sukanto’s demands.

The men end up injuring Chandralekha’s old and sickly farmer. She rushes to meet Tipu and scolds him for what happened with her father. She asks him to help her, telling him all about Jugnu’s plan and is worried that her father’s farming license will be taken away if they are not able to regularly supply opium to the government.

Arjun learns that 10 tons of opium has already been procured but refuses to sign on the report about the drug bust. Meanwhile, Jyotsna gives an English novel to Lalkrishna and his friends start teasing him. Gangaram claims that someone has wiped out the sketch, while Lalkrishna believes that the sketch is not something he should be proud of.

Both boys end up fighting over Jyotsna and Gangaram claims that Lalkrishna had changed because he was madly in love with her. Nabeed asks Aatmaram to kill Ganchi off in order to make sure he remains a more powerful drug lord. Tipu asks Jugnu to return the opium collected from Chandralekha’s father’s farm but Jugnu refuses to comply.

Tipu gets angry but contains himself. Ramprasad is shocked to learn that Arjun was not signing the drug confiscation reports and gets suspicious of his boss. Meanwhile, Arjun is in a chirpy mood going back home with the drug bust going on in full swing. He learns that Madhu too was working on her beauty product business and is proud of his wife.

Aatmaram and his men show up at the hospital and turn the power off to alarm Tipu and the guards there. Tipu alerts all the men to be on guard as Tipu and his men fight Aatmaram’s men by taking advantage of the dark hospital. There is a chaotic shootout between both groups and a hilarious turn of events leaves Tipu and Aatmaram in a face-off as the latter threatens to kill Bunty.

Tipu musters up the courage and sneaks up on Aatmaram saving Bunty and shooting the contract killer in the crotch. The bullet only passes through his pants but scares Aatmaram and his men enough that he jumps out of the hospital window and flees as the episode comes to an end.

The Episode Review

There is no way that the high schoolers have a more interesting romance drama going on between the four of them in the confines of a classroom. The show is highlighting the complications in friendships among tweens/teens upon the arrival of a potential love interest.

The fact that Gangaram is swooning over his Teacher is not even shocking because most teen boys ended up crushing on one of their younger teachers. The kids really are the highlight of the show and every scene with them is top-tier comedy. Now would be about the right time for Gangaram to spill the secret that Babu Tiger told him but the young boy is too busy fighting his friend to remember about it. 

Tipu and Chandralekha’s date was another trip down memory lanes for many where films feature couples going on bike/car rides while a peppy romance song played in the background. Chandralekha covering up her face when she sits on Tipu’s bike is another pivotal moment for many girls that went on such secret dates with boys without the knowledge of their family. 

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