Guns & Gulaabs – Episode 7 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Chapter 7+8: Raat Baaki…

The Season Finale of Guns & Gulaabs starts in the hospital ICU where Jugnu is worried about disappointing his father whose condition seems to be getting better by the day. Jugnu gets riled up when Mahinder claims that Ganchi will be able to deal with the enemies and wonders if he’s not man enough to handle them.

What does Tipu tell Arjun?

Arjun cracks another deal with SP Mishra and agrees to pay him 50% of the profits from the opium trade. In exchange, SP Mishra helps Arjun by relocating the drugs to a safe warehouse in his truck. However, a few hours after this, Tipu shows up to meet Arjun and asks for a favour in exchange for his silence.

He claims that he knew about Arjun and Sukanto’s deal and will expose him if he doesn’t write a fake receipt claiming Chandralekha’s father had submitted the yearly share of opium to the government.

Tipu also claims that once Ganchi’s men catch wind of the fact that SP Mishra has hidden the drugs away, Jugnu, who is desperate to prove himself to his father, will try and steal the drugs from SP Mishra. Arjun agrees with Tipu and puts him in charge of stealing the drugs from SP Mishra’s warehouse and delivering it to Sukanto.

What happens to Nabeed? What does Aatmaram do after that?

Aatmaram visits Nabeed for a chat but the gang leader gives Aatmaram an earful calling him a waste of his time. He laments being tasked with killing a nobody like Tipu and an ICU patient like Ganchi and how he’s failed to complete both contracts. Aatmaram is insulted by Nabeed and kills him in his classic 4-cut style.

He flees off and meets the guy who sold him a superstitious necklace that was supposed to protect his life. He blames the man for ruining his deals but gets hired for a second job by Pratap’s goon – Dheeraj. Dheeraj asks Aatmaram to kidnap Jyotsna in order to blackmail Arjun after he tried to chummy up with Pratap and kick him to the curb.

What happens to Jyotsna/Jo and Lalkrishna/Nannu?

After realising his mistake, Gangaram apologises to his friends Lalkrishna and Ikhlaq. He asks Lalkrishna to write a romantic letter to Jyotsna in order to ask for her forgiveness. He rushes to go somewhere for a while as Lalkrishna writes a rap song for Jyotsna with the help of Ikhlaq. However, when he tries to sing the rap for her, he fumbles continually.

In the meantime, Aatmaram’s goons kidnap Jyotsna and Lalkrishna along with her. Gangaram and Ikhlaq chase after the car but are unable to catch up. They find Chandralekha on her moped and ask her to drive them to the abandoned factory which is where the kidnappers had taken their friends. Chandralekha drives Gangaram with her but asks Ikhlaq to follow them on his cycle.

What happens at SP Mishra’s warehouse?

After being embarrassed by Mahinder, Jugnu shows up at Nirmal’s house and starts telling his friend how embarrassed he was for not being competent enough. The goons tell him that the drugs were being relocated by SP Mishra and he asks Nirmal to join them as he confiscates the drugs from the cop and closes the deal with Sukanto himself. According to his deal with Arjun, Tipu is waiting outside the warehouse to steal the truck full of drugs.

While Ganchi gang member and SP Mishra’s cops get embroiled in a major shootout outside, Tipu takes the truck from the rear end of the warehouse and flees away. Amid the shootout, SP Mishra asks for a truce but Jugnu ends up killing the cop out of anger. He is shocked to see that the warehouse is empty and rushes to look for Nirmal.

Jugnu is heartbroken when he sees that his best friend (and potentially the man he loved) had been killed. He is fuming and decides to go to Sukanto to end things once and for all.

In the meantime, Tipu and Bunty leave the truck on a secret road and go to the restaurant to see Sukanto. Suneel’s brothers drive Tipu and Bunty there. Tipu gives Sukanto the keys to the truck and closes the deal on behalf of Arjun.

What does Aatmaram tell Arjun?

Earlier that same day, Madhu ends up noticing a feminine scent on one of Arjun’s T-shirts. She starts suspecting something but waits for him to come home before discussing the issue with her husband. Later that night, Madhu calls Arjun to tell him that Jyotsna is still not home and she wants to discuss something important.

Arjun believes that their daughter must be coming home from her coaching classes and tells her that he’s expecting an urgent call. Just as he hangs up, Tipu tells him that the job has been done. Arjun is on his way out to investigate the scene of the crime at SP Mishra’s house when he gets another call from Aatmaram.

The knifer asks Arjun to hand over the drugs to him in exchange for his daughter. Arjun shows up at the secret road before Sukanto and rushes to the abandoned factory to save his daughter. When Sukanto arrives at the spot, he finds no truck there. He goes back to the restaurant to find Tipu but meets with a raging Jugnu.

Jugnu feels betrayed by Sukanto for cutting a deal with the enemies. A high-speed shootout ends up with Sukanto and all his men as well as all of Jugnu’s men including Mahinder. Jugnu is the only surviving member of the shootout because he ducked in time to save himself from being shot.

Does Gangaram manage to kill Aatmaram?

Chandralekha and Gangaram show up at the abandoned factory to save Jyotsna and Lalkrishna. Gangaram tells his teacher that he has a gun with him. A flashback from the first episode shows that before his death, Babu Tiger had told Gangaram the location of his most prized possession – the gun.

Aatmaram’s men end up finding Chandralekha and Gangaram, and take them to Aatmaram. The young boy threatens to shoot Aatmaram with Babu’s gun but eventually ends up falling back from the impact of the gunshot, releasing a bullet in the air. Chandralekha takes advantage of the chaos and takes the three kids out of the factory with her.

Meanwhile, Tipu and Bunty decide to find Aatmaram in order to avenge Suneel’s death. On their way, Tipu spots Ikhlaq making his way to the abandoned factory. Tipu learns that Gangaram and Chandralekha went to the factory to save Jyotsna and Lalkrishna, and he decides to go there.

Ikhlaq also claims that the people that kidnapped the kids worked with Aatmaram. Tipu decides to go to the factory to save his lover and avenge his friend. Tipu drives to the factory and ends up crashing his car into Aatmaram who was waiting outside to catch the kids and Chandralekha. Aatmaram is thrown onto a tree and starts bleeding out of his head.

Does Arjun save Jyotsna?

Tipu and Bunty try to shoot Aatmaram’s men but are not competent enough to aim well. Both men are barely able to kill a few of the goons but Arjun shows up and manages to kill most of them. He brings the kids out and asks Ramprasad to take care of them while he manages to relocate the drugs.

Dheeraj tries to take advantage of the situation, sneaking the truck full of drugs away. In the meantime, Tipu notices that Aatmaram’s body was moved away and is certain that the contract killer escaped death yet another time. Gangaram gives Tipu his father’s gun and asks him to make sure Aatmaram dies for sure. Arjun manages to fight Dheeraj and kills him, bringing the drugs away.

Does Tipu die? What happens to Aatmaram?

Tipu goes back inside the factory with his father’s gun but is not able to stop Aatmaram in time. The knifer ends up making 3 out of his signature 4 cuts on Tipu. However, Tipu musters up the courage to shoot Aatmaram one time and knocks him out. With a sliced neck, Tipu barely manages to go out.

However, Chandralekha shows up in time to rescue him and he is taken to the hospital. On his way there, Tipu gives Chandralekha the receipt to prove that her father had submitted the year’s quota of poppies.

What does Yamini tell Arjun?

After rescuing his daughter, Arjun decides that the right thing to do would be handing over the drugs to the government. He calls Pratap and tells him the deal was off. He also claims that he did not fear his threats. He finds Yamini waiting for him outside the Narcotics Bureau with the negatives of the intimate photos she had taken with him and hands them over for his perusal.

She also says that telling Madhu about his affair with her would only harm her and asks him to hold on to the guilt of cheating on his wife while Madhu lives a peaceful life in oblivion.

What happens to Jugnu? Who kills Ganchi?

After putting an end to the deal with Sukanto, Jugnu shows up at the ICU dressed as a woman. Jugnu is tired of trying to pretend she’s a man just like her father wanted her to be. She kills her dad and puts an end to the tirade of lies.

Jugnu claims that now she will be able to be who she is and do everything she wanted to do. As Ganchi dies, Jugnu identifies as a woman and frees herself from the shackles of patriarchy set by her father.

Does Aatmaram die?

The show ends with a clip of Aatmaram reaching out to grab his knife, living what would be the last of his alleged seven lives.

The Episode Review

This 81-minute episode was as good as a proper feature film and would probably be one of the longest episodes in a TV show produced in India. This episode ties a lot of threads together and as seamless as the makers tried to keep it, there were a few plot holes that still prevailed. 

This one was very confusing to watch with continuous flashbacks and flash-forwards that made it quite hard to follow through. With that being said, the episode ended up with jaw-dropping revelations, one that could be expected from Raj & DK.

Transgender representation is a totally different issue that many queer fans/LGBTQ allies will have with the makers and the lack of relevant explanation for Jugnu’s sudden gender identity swap is a question that needs some elaboration on. This is not a case of cross-dressing but the born CIS-gendered male identifying as a woman which complicates things a bit for the character in the future.

If there is ever a season 2 of the show, we may learn the secret behind Aatmaram’s long life – one that he skipped mentioning in this season. Moreover, Jugnu’s gender transformation is another important aspect. Overall, the biggest mystery on the show still is the secret that Babu told Gangaram which he seems to have forgotten.

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