Guns & Gulaabs – Episode 4 Recap & Review

Chapter 4: Deal Ya No Deal

Episode 4 of Guns & Gulaabs starts with Jugnu showing up at Nirmal’s house to tell him about the incident. He asks Malini to make him some tea and tells his friend how he doesn’t want to kill the man. Jugnu tells Nirmal that he’s lonely and asks him to leave his wife at home and go to his house to spend time like they used to back in college.

Arjun visits the local restaurant that’s divided between Sherpur and Gulaabganj and sets his table right on the border that separates the two cities. At the restaurant, Arjun learns about Tipu and how he used to be a mechanic before joining Ganchi’s gang as “Paana Tipu”.

Tipu asks Bunty, one of Ganchi’s thugs, to go to Sherpur with him. Meanwhile, Ramprasad tells Arjun all about Ganchi’s deal with a party in Calcutta. He suggests that they put an end to the drug trade by capturing both gangs when they’re focused on fighting each other. Arjun asks Ramprasad to compile a list of all farm owners that are growing opium illegally.

Meanwhile, SP Mishra scolds Jugnu for acting impulsively and killing a doctor. He asks him to back out of the deal with the client in Calcutta as it’s extremely risky but Jugnu shuts him down. He sends his men to follow SP Mishra and asks Mahinder to trust him.

Gangaram’s obscene sketch of Jyotsna has become the talk of the town – and of the entire school. The cop’s daughter is embarrassed when everyone teases her over it. Lalkrishna waits for her after school and walks him with her. He is shocked to see how she’s being teased after the sketch and asks her to tell her father about it.

Jyotsna tells him that she’s capable of handling this on her own and wants to teach the people that made the sketch a lesson. She calls Lalkrishna her only true friend in town and leaves to go home on her own. At the same time, Tipu leaves Ganchi unattended in the ICU as he flirts with Chandralekha who’s at the hospital with her father. He helps her cut the line for her father’s X-Ray tests and Chandralekha is impressed with Tipu’s authority as a new gangster.

Meanwhile, Arjun inspects the produce from the large farm owner and arrests him for illegally growing opium, ceasing all the produce. SP Mishra shows up at the Narcotics Bureau and scolds Arjun for arresting a poor farmer. Arjun agrees to let the farmer go but keeps the ceased crop by claiming that a report about the raid had been faxed to the headquarters already.

After school, Lalkrishna spots Jyotsna at a bookshop and talks to her as they start growing close to each other. Lalkrishna’s sister teases him for reading English novels because he had a crush on Jyotsna. He goes outside and washes off the obscene sketch that Gangaram has made.

At the same time, Jugnu’s men tell him that SP Mishra has met with Nabeed and set up a meeting between him and the Calcutta buyers. Jugnu wonders what his father’s plan is and thinks that paying Arjun a visit was necessary to try and bring him on their side.

The next day, Jugnu, Mahender and their men show up at the meeting between Nabeed and the Calcutta client. The client – Sukanto asks both parties to join hands to collectively raise the order but Nabeed and Jugnu refuse to do so. Jugnu calls out Sukanto for not having a work ethic and the latter takes Jugnu aside and has his subordinate punch the Ganchi heir.

Sukanto challenges Jugnu to try and complete the order request by the end of that month. Ramprasad is not happy about raiding one of Nabeed’s farms so soon after Ganchi’s and asks Arjun to slow down. The cop shrugs that he’s just doing his duty and raids and ceases all the new crops from the farm in Sherpur.

Nabeed and his men show up at the police station and try to bribe Arjun to release all the produce he had ceased. Nabeed threatens Arjun and asks him to wash out. Later, Arjun also learns that Sukanta was in town. Meanwhile, Tipu and Bunty ask around Sherpur and go looking for Aatmaram.

Aatmaram’s men show up and start chasing the two men around with guns. Both Tipu and Bunty manage to get on their bikes to go back to Gulaabganj but are followed by Aatmaram’s goons who keep shooting at them. They somehow make it to the border between Gulaabganj and Sherpur but their bike runs out of fuel.

They call for help and manage to escape Aatmaram’s men. Arjun meets Sukanto and offers him a good deal to let his deal with Ganchi come to fruition. Arjun however claims that he could be the person that arranges the opium instead and makes a deal with Sukanto. The episode ends with Tipu in the ICU room where he sees Ganchi waking up from a coma.

The Episode Review

This episode has me very confused about Jugnu’s character and I have so many questions about him. From not wanting his friend to be married to asking Nirmal to spend a few days with him leaving his newly-wed wife alone at home, things are really looking odd for his character.

The fact that Malini was so interested in Malini’s jewellery and henna design makes it seem like he has a rather feminine side to him. It is likely that he is homosexual and that could be perceived from his reaction to accidentally killing the doctor without any intention of doing so. Arjun being a good cop was a too-good-to-be-true character trait because his conversation with Madhu prompted that the man had a lot of demons in his closet.

While cheating in marriage is not as jaw-dropping in the West, the Indian culture puts too much stake in the institution of marriage and maintains that spouses should keep the sanctity of this institution. Arjun essentially committed a crime by cheating on his wife in the ’90s and watch fighting tooth and nail to escape the consequences of his actions. 

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