Grey’s Anatomy – Season 16 Episode 3 Recap & Review

A Trio Of Problems

Grey’s Anatomy continues this week with another episode showing the struggle Bailey and the hospital face after losing some of its best doctors while we see all three trying to deal with their different situations.

The episode starts with Amelia telling Maggie that she has decided to keep the baby while Meredith speaks to Deluca about her potential article. Owen’s patient need a neurosurgeon but unfortunately Koracick is the only one there and because of the restraining order, Owen has to leave the room.

We then follow various patients around both hospitals. Jo’s patient is not happy that Meredith is not going to be the one performing the surgery as she has been her patient since the beginning of her disease; Webber ‘s patient Heather fell 30 feet in a construction site and there’s suspected brain damage; Maggie’s patient, who calls himself Birdie, is there for heart surgery.

As her patient refuses to be treated by anyone else, Jo asks Bailey for Meredith to come back, just for her surgery. Bailey is adamant and refuses so Jo has an idea which is to have Meredith assist through video chat. Link and Amelia find a korean lady wandering the hospital, disorientated and looking for someone called “bird”. After admitting her for dehydration, the korean lady sees Birdie in the best room and they both recognise each other. Birdie explains to the doctors that she was his first love when he was in Korea during the war.

DeLuca and Schmitt are busy catherising a patient but Schmitt makes a mistake and the wire slips in the patients body, causing bleeding, which will require surgery. Bailey then berates Deluca for the mistake and when Kim finds out what his boyfriend did, he decides to help him learn how to do the procedure.

Back in Pac-North, Heather’s sisters are arguing over whether they should pull the plug or not. Webber then arrives to stop the fight and tells them to be there for her instead. As Webber unplugs all the machines, the sisters say their goodbyes. Suddenly, her phone rings and it surprisingly turns out to be Heather; her bag was stolen and they quickly realise that the patient is not their sister.

Jo’s complicated surgery starts under the surveillance of Meredith and Bailey but it soon becomes apparent that Jo has bitten off more than she can chew as complications arise. Keeping her cool though, she manages to stabilise the patient and successfully completes the surgery.

Avery and Vic get a lot closer to each other while Birdie and Sooyoung tell their stories to the doctors and have an emotional reunion. Quadri speaks to Bailey about not being happy that Meredith has been fired as she was the reason she wanted to work at Grey Sloan. An angry Bailey then decides to fire her.

Teddy and Owen have a chat about their situation and come to an agreement: he will stay at home while she goes back to work. The episode then closes with Webber going out for dinner with an old friend who is now working at Pac-North.

There have been a lot of well known people who have had cameos in Grey’s Anatomy over the years. It was a fun surprise to see two of the sisters from Charmed (Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano) here and a nice little nod to the series as there were three sisters, just like in the show.

The series continues to tick along at a decent pace and like most seasons, gives enough development for each characters too. Bailey in particular still seems quite stressed with her best three doctors gone and whether they will come back before the end of the series remains to be seen.


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