Grey’s Anatomy – Season 16 Episode 4 Recap & Review


Bailey’s Secret

Things aren’t looking good for the Grey Sloan hospital in this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Whilst dealing with the loss of its best doctors, the hospital is now facing grave repercussions from an article published, revealing the dark side of the health service in the US.

We start with Maggie showing Meredith the article published after she sent the papers her ideas about the insurance issues. However, she’s not happy as she didn’t realised they were going to write the article and feels that a lot has been taken out of context. As the first emergency patient arrives at Grey Sloan, he refuses to be admitted there due to Grey’s article on health insurance. This causes Bailey more stress when she finds out about it and angrily tells Deluca that he should have tried to stop Meredith.

Meanwhile, Avery is not happy that Koracick has decided to film a patient of his while she goes through plastic surgery to correct the abnormal shape of her head. He also finds out that they’ve been offered the surgery for free in exchange for being filmed. Another patient arrives in the ER with multiple fractures due to a man falling down on her from the sky. Maggie arrives to look at the patient as her heart was affected too.

Owen brings the first patient to Pac-North and bumps into Korev who offers to show him around. Owen then explains that he’s taking some time off work as he needs to stay away from Koracick. Meredith desperately tries to undo what she’s done too and leaves her community service, which leads her to Grey Sloan where Jo catches her up on what’s been happening.

After Amelia tells her that two of her surgeries have been cancelled, Maggie is summoned by Bailey to check her heart as she hasn’t been feeling well. Maggie runs some tests and reassures her that her heart is fine, but suggests that it could be hormones. Bailey later breaks down to her husband after realising that she’s going through menopause.

While Owen and Korev frantically try to stop the bleeding of one of the patients in Pac-North, Teddy and Maggie struggle too as the woman starts crashing on their table. Unable to resuscitate her, she dies which upsets Teddy greatly. Avery decides to go against Koracick and asks Amelia to be the surgeon in his patient’s surgery. He promises that he’ll pay himself for everything. During the surgery, Koracick confronts Avery but tells him that since he has more shares in the company, he is his boss. Koracick explains that he did this to give some good publicity for the hospital after the article.

During surgery, Korev offers a job to Owen in their trauma team while Avery successfully finishes his surgery on the little girl. Meredith comes clean to Bailey and explains that her ideas have been taken out of context and she would never do anything to hurt her or the hospital. Bailey refuses to listen, telling her it’s too late and the damage has been done.

As Owen returns to Grey Sloan, Koracick tells him that he’s dropping his restraining order. Owen replies that it doesn’t matter as he has accepted a new job at Pac-North. Link admits to Amelia that he’s in love with her and wants her to know as life is too short.

Deluca sees Meredith in the hospital and berates her for leaving her community service early. She tells him that she had to try and sort the issue as it has hurt a lot of people. We end the episode with Maggie giving Bailey her blood results – she is pre-menopausal but also pregnant

The episode ends with a big shocking reveal about Bailey’s pregnancy. It’ll be interesting to see how she’ll cope with that news, especially as she’s going through menopause and all the added stress she’s currently facing in the hospital.

Owen is now the latest doctor to join Pac-North and it wouldn’t surprise me if Meredith follows too, once she’s finished her community service. This new hospital is struggling quite a bit so it’s quite a nice change in the narrative and tone to see the doctors trying to turn it around. Will both hospitals end up merging just like they did with Mercy West? It definitely seems like a potential solution for both but whether it plays out that way or not, remains to be seen.


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