Grey’s Anatomy – Season 16 Episode 2 Recap & Review

A Shocking Injury

After last week’s fast-paced episode, Grey’s Anatomy returns this week with a very familiar kind of episode. While the doctors are busy treating patients, there’s more development in the different relationships, including some funny moments between Owen and Koracick.

The episode starts with Meredith finding out that her hearing will be in 3 months. Both Jo and Owen are returning to work while Bailey is still struggling with all the changes in the hospital. She decides to kick all the residents into shape while Karev and Webber start their new job at Pacific North. However, Webber is not happy as he only has two residents to look after and has been told that they aren’t very competent.

After a man on a scooter hits her car, Amelia takes the man to ER before confessing to a stunned Link she’s pregnant. Jo arrives at Grey-Sloan which surprises Bailey as she thought she would have joined her husband in his new hospital. She replies that she was offered a better position there, but still chose to come back. Grateful, she offers her the same job to convince her to stay.

Meanwhile, Meredith is offering patient advice and treatment to people in her community service, which angers the person in charge as no one is doing any work. She suddenly sees a lump in her supervisor’s neck and tells her to get it checked out. Meanwhile, Bailey takes all the residents to a classroom in a bid to teach them how to practice the surgical procedure she’ll do on her patient later on. She tells them that the one who finishes first will get to scrub in with her. DeLuca beats Helm by a fraction of a second but Bailey chooses Helm, making DeLuca furious. During surgery, Helm messes up and the patient starts bleeding. After Bailey refuses to do anything, Deluca steps up and quickly fixes him.

Things are looking quite bleak at Pacific North too as a patient looks like he died waiting to be seen. However, Webber and Karev manage to save the patient before he asks Webber to help turn the place around.

Amelia speaks to Link about her past pregnancy and tells him that while she’s in a better place now, she doesn’t think it would be a good idea to keep the baby. Link replies that he’ll be there to support her whatever she decides.

The results of the biopsy for Meredith’s supervisor are in; she has thyroid cancer but Meredith reassures her that it’s treatable. However, she panics as if she misses work, she won’t get paid and will struggle to pay rent and her asthma medicine, given her insurance only provides one a month. Deluca confronts Bailey about choosing Helm over him, as he was better. She tells him off for questioning her methods and after she leaves, Jo heads in and tells her she wants to be made General Surgeon Attendee as that’s what the other hospital offered her. Reluctant at first, she ends up agreeing to it.

The scooter man takes a turn for the worse and crashes as he seems to have a heart problem. After trying to shock him multiple times, they finally manage to get a pulse, but not before Owen accidentally shocks Koracick in his private parts. Owen later apologizes, only to find Koracick has filed a restraining order again him.

In the evening, Meredith tells Deluca that she wants to write an article about what she’s been experiencing with all the people who are unable to get treatment. The episode then ends with Amelia and Link both agreeing to keep the child.

Grey’s Anatomy’s latest episode was quite an interesting one. Seeing both Webber and Karev in a different hospital which is currently struggling brings a refreshing change of tone and pace to the show. As they’re both motivated to try turning the place around, it’ll be interesting to see what the future will bring for those two and the failing hospital.

The episode also shows again how some people in America struggle to get decent medical treatment and it’s certainly an important topic at the moment. Meredith is determined to do something about it too and in true Grey’s Anatomy fashion, we’re bound to see more drama surrounding this story. In the meantime, as we see the different characters’ storylines developing, the show continues to keep us coming back for another dose of medical drama.

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