Grey’s Anatomy – Season 16 Episode 14 Recap and Review

The Diagnosis

In true Grey’s Anatomy fashion, nothing is ever easy as this episode brings us two break-ups and another couple on the verge of splitting too. This week’s instalment was certainly an improvement from the last couple of weeks with some interesting character developments as we carry on following the different medical cases that have been spread across multiple episodes.

We return to Grey Sloan this week as we catch up with our doctors;  DeLuca is still by Suzanne’s bedside and seeing how she is suffering, he begs Dr Riley to give her something to help. She refuses as she still believes this will be the way to find out what’s wrong, while a depressed Amelia doesn’t want to get out of bed so Maggie comes to comfort her.

Schmitt and Nico aren’t doing so well either when the latter refuses to let him meet his parents while Jo voices her concern about Alex not returning her calls to Link. Bailey worries about Webber so she gives him a new group of interns to look after. As he takes them to the lab, we see him acting very disinterested with them.

Jackson’s patient was mauled by a bear when he jumped in front of it to protect his wife and had to have his nose temporarily attached to his arm while they sort out his face. Next door, his wife is visited by her lover and explains that she was planning to tell the truth to her husband before they were attacked. Unfortunately, the husband has too much internal bleeding and doesn’t survive.

DeLuca, who hasn’t been sleeping, frantically goes through some of Meredith’s old cases to see if he can find a diagnosis. This worries Meredith and she relays her concern to Riley about him overworking. Carina later speaks to Meredith as she’s worried that DeLuca is exhibiting signs of bipolar which their father suffered from. This prompts Meredith to speak to Bailey about her worries, who in turn decides to let her take over his patient. When Deluca finds out, he tries to protest and almost says something he shouldn’t but Bailey stops him before he does.

Meanwhile, Joey refuses to do his physical therapy so Hayes takes him to play video games as a way of convincing him. He refuses though as he’s still worried about his siblings, while Amelia finally admits to Maggie that the baby might be Owen’s. She tells her that Link is not sure he will still wants to be with her if the baby turns out to be Owen’s, which makes her doubt her relationship. Her sister does her best to reassure her and promises that she will never be alone.

DeLuca rushes to Riley to stop her from leaving. However, she’s angry as Meredith has decided to put her back on her medicine. Suddenly they both receive some conclusive results for Suzanne. They find out that her white cells are eating her other cells, therefore coming to the conclusion that she’s suffering from the rare Still disease.

Jo calls Alex again and begs him to call back, promising that she would jump infront of a bear for him while Bailey manages to pull some strings and bring Joey’s siblings to him.

DeLuca and Riley rush to Suzanne’s room and start injecting her with steroids, despite Meredith’s protests. We later see that he was right, as she quickly gets better. Meredith leaves the room and congratulates DeLuca on his diagnosis. She tells him he should have told her as she believes he was not in a good state of mind. DeLuca starts to lose it about her reaction and screams, telling her that they are over.

Bailey notices that one of her residents has left early so she goes looking for Webber. He happens to be sitting on his own and tells her that he feels like he’s being punished and that Catherine won. Bailey wants to help him but he replies that he’s tired and leaves, telling her he will be okay.

Schmitt insists on meeting Nico’s parents but as he refuses to again, he admits that he hasn’t told his parents he’s gay yet. As the episode concludes, Suzanne is reunited with her children and Amelia finally talks to Link. She tells him she’s not going to get a paternity test as she wants to raise her child with people who love her unconditionally so she breaks up with him. Jackson also apologises to Maggie for leaving her alone in the woods, while Meredith texts Alex. As she wait for his reply, we see the three dots flashing.

The latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy finally feels like one of the old ones, with plenty of dramatic developments while still getting some interesting patients to deal with. Following a couple of different cases across the span of a few episodes is always a nice touch, and I’m hoping we’ll see more of that in the episodes to come.

Carina and Meredith are worrying about DeLuca exhibiting some serious bipolar symptoms and unfortunately it looks like they might be right, especially after his last outburst. Webber seems to sink deeper into depression too and given his past, I’m really hoping he doesn’t relapse and turn back to alcohol.

Thankfully, his best friend Bailey is keeping an eye on him. Their friendship is one of the strongest on the show and they have great chemistry together. There are definitely plenty more twists and drama coming our way this season but in the meantime, Grey’s Anatomy offers up another decent episode worth watching.

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