Grey’s Anatomy – Season 16 Episode 15 Recap and Review

Where is Alex?

After last week’s slight improvement, Grey’s Anatomy returns with a questionable chapter as we see some of our doctors acting out of character. Still, there are some interesting stories with Bailey and Webber who are probably the best part of the show right now but unfortunately Grey’s Anatomy is a shadow of what it used to be.

The episode begins during a snow storm with Schmitt looking for a patient he has lost. Hayes is frustrated because he is waiting for a liver for a 6 year old kid but the bad weather is stopping the other hospital from bringing it. DeLuca suggests walking there but Grey is unsure he should. Bailey is helping Joey with his homework while Link is worrying as Amelia is not returning his calls. Webber carries on teaching his new interns, including Tess whom he seems to take a liking to.

While the doctors worry about DeLuca, Bailey finds out that Link has discharged Joey. She goes to speak to him and finds out that he refused to speak to the social worker so she decides to get him to help around the hospital.

In the ER, a woman brings in her 32 week pregnant wife whom she accidentally ran over. At the same time, Hayes and Grey operate on his young patient as they find out DeLuca has just left the other hospital.

Webber chooses Tess to assist him in his latest surgery. They prep together but just as she prepares to operate, Schmitt bursts in to stop them as she is the patient he has been looking for. She then runs off again but is eventually caught. She tells them she has been diagnosed with cancer four times which made her want to be doctor. Unfortunately, her treatment drained her college fund and saw today as a crazy opportunity for her.

Meanwhile, the pregnant woman is crashing so the doctors decide to perform an emergency cesarean to save the baby. The baby is delivered but unfortunately not breathing. All the surgeons rally together to save both mother and baby and miraculously they manage to do so.

While Hayes and Grey discuss how they each have dealt with their grief, DeLuca arrives with the liver, but see that he has frostbite on his fingers as he didn’t wear any gloves.

Webber encourages Tess to push herself to realize her dream and shows her that he is now suffering from shaky hands, which is why he asked her to help him. He tells her she needs to fight the same way he has and gives her his stethoscope as he doesn’t think he needs it anymore.

Grey comes to congratulate DeLuca about saving the little girl with his sister, who tells him how worried they are. He starts to get irritated at them again when they mention his father’s condition, leading him to lash out an unfair comment to Meredith about Alzheimers.

After spending the whole day in hospital with Joey, Bailey offers to have him stay in her house with her family while we see Teddy worrying about Amelia after hearing that she has taken leave of absence. She has a feeling Owen might be the father of the baby and asks Maggie, who doesn’t deny it. This prompts her to visit Koracick in his hotel room and  surprisingly starts kissing him.

Jo is still waiting for a sign from Alex and as the door opens, she is disappointed to find Link. She tells him that she thinks Alex has left her before bursting into tears in Link’s arms.

Hayes asks Meredith what DeLuca is to her. She replies that he is the first man she said I love you to since losing her husband. Before leaving, he tells her it’s been nice to have someone that understand him which ends the episode.

Grey’s Anatomy has certainly come a long way from its early beginnings. Unfortunately, the show has been slowly getting worse these past few seasons, lacking in original stories and giving us some poor character story lines. This episode in particular shows some of the doctors acting in an unusual manner.

The main culprit is Teddy who suddenly decides to cheat on Owen after worrying about Amelia’s baby being his. This felt really out of place and adds even more disappointment to the fledgling series.

Karev’s absence has also been quite questionable, especially knowing how dedicated he has been over the years towards his job and Jo. Fortunately, after seeing next episode’s promo, it looks like we will be getting some needed answers about his departure.

It is not an easy feat to keep a series going for many years, it runs the risk of becoming stale and re-hashing some of its storylines, which is what Grey’s Anatomy has slowly been doing this season. It still has some decent characters arcs and medical cases but whether it will be enough to make this as thrilling as its glory days remains to be seen.

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