Grey’s Anatomy – Season 16 Episode 13 Recap and Review

The Silent Method

After last week’s filler episode, Grey’s Anatomy returns with an interesting chapter with the medical drama we are used to returning while still giving all its main characters some good development. The show is still not back to what it used to be but remains enjoyable nonetheless.

Episode 13 of Grey’s Anatomy begins with us seeing Meredith and Deluca have spent the night together while Bailey discusses her foster patient with Ben. Owen arrives in Pac North to find out that Catherine has bought the hospital and Richard tells him that they now have to report to Grey Sloan and have to be interviewed by Koracick if they want to keep their job.

Nico speaks to Schmitt about their living situation and suggests he find his own place to stay while Meredith meets Hayes’ kids. She then sees Amelia who speaks to her about getting back with Deluca. Amelia then comes face to face with Jo who tells her she knows that she’s getting the paternity results back today. We also find out from her that Karev is not returning her calls ,which makes her very anxious.

Bailey finds out about the Fox foundation buying Pac North then heads to see the recovering interns. Meanwhile, Deluca struggles to find what is wrong with his patient, Suzanne. Dr Lauren Riley arrives in her room, who’s a master diagnostician. She gives Deluca some instructions to follow and asks to get Doctor Grey in the room.

Koracick starts his interviews with Richard up first. He tells him that his wife wants him at Grey Sloan which makes Richard angry as he doesn’t want to be controlled and storms out. Maggie is next, and gets her job back straight away thanks to Teddy. She heads to examine Deluca’s patient and sees that she has too much fluid near her heart.

Schmitt’s patient is an elderly woman who has cancer and abdominal pains, while Bailey visits her patient Joey and finds out that his brother and sister have been taken by social services. He later tries to leave but is soon stopped by Jo. Bailey speaks to him about his siblings and how social services will do their best with them. He replies that they’re not related but became close in their foster home and ran away together.

Amelia speaks to Link about the possibility of him not being the father and what their relationship will be like. He tells her he’s not sure as he knows she has a lot of history with Owen.

Schmitt receives the test results back for his elderly patient Irene and unfortunately the cancer has spread to her lungs and her liver. Dr Grey tells her a surgery would be too risky and explains that Schmitt will organise a meeting with a palliative carer. Her husband speaks to Schmitt outside the room and asks for a favour. The doctors later take her to the cafeteria, that has been arranged to look like a ball-room. Her husband, wearing a tuxedo, invites her to dance. The lady then goes back to her bed and speaks to Schmitt about finding the love of her life.

Maggie starts the surgery on Suzanne while Deluca keeps a close eye on her. After the operation, Dr Riley asks them to stop all treatments for now as she thinks one medication might suppress clues to what’s making her sick. Maggie is not convinced it’s the right decision while Deluca thinks she may die. He later relays this to Suzanne and explains that this will make her more sick, but that they might be able to see what is wrong with her.

Dr Riley speaks to the sister and tries to convince her that once the medicine is gone, she will be able to listen to what the disease has to say, which should persuade them.

Jackson heads outside and finds Richard sitting on a bench on his own. Jackson tells him that he thinks this will pass and they will soon make up. Richard is not so sure though while Meredith speaks to Bailey about what happened with the elderly couple. Jackson comes in the room to tell them that Richard has walked out, prompting Bailey to hurry after him.

Bailey, Hunt, Meredith, Richard and Jackson arrive in Koracick’s office to tell him that they’re ready to quit. They tell him they’re too important to lose and it would look very bad for him if they left. They give him an ultimatum; Hunt and Webber get their job back, Maggie and Altman will be head of cardio and Karev and Hayes will be co-chief or they all quit. If he agrees, he can take all the credit with Catherine.

The episode ends with Schmitt telling Nico that he wants more than just sex while Amelia texts Link that she didn’t have time to run the tests. Jo then returns home from work to an empty flat.

The latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy sees a definite improvement from its last. This week we receive some interesting medical cases, in particular the follow-up on Suzanne’s mysterious disease, while following our characters and their usual personal drama. As I predicted, Pac North is merging with Grey Sloan but I do still hope the fledgling hospital doesn’t get forgotten.

I’m still unsure about how the show is dealing with Karev’s departure and this could be explored in more detail. However, I did enjoy seeing our main doctors rallying together to get what they want, which was a nice touch to the episode. Grey’s Anatomy is still not able to ascend the heights it used to reach, but thankfully this week offers up a much-improved chapter which should hopefully make last week’s misfire a distant memory and easy to forget.

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