Green Frontier – Season 1 Episode 2 “The Walkers” Recap & Review


Diving In The Past

Episode 2 of Green Frontier begins with more missionary women in the jungle helping tribes. We then flashback to Yua healing Ushe after they were chased by men with guns. When she notices his blackened hand, he explains that it is the mark of the walkers. At the Morgue, they inspect the bodies where they learn a tribe woman was drained of all bodily fluid and the others were killed by poisoned arrows and gun shots.


We see another flashback soon after this of Yua teaching his rituals to Ushe and telling her all about the walking tree. Elena carries on her investigation and finds out that loggers may be responsible for the death of the women. She tries to get some information about the loggers from local policeman Uribe, but he is unhelpful and tells her he doesn’t really know much about them.

She then goes to see the leader of Eden’s church, Raquel, but she doesn’t know who the dead woman was either. As she leaves the church, one of the nuns tells her that the dead woman was the daughter of the jungle. Driving away, she suddenly sees Uribe talking to a soldier so she decides to follow him. This leads her to a bar where she spies on him having a suspicious meeting with a white man.

Reynaldo is visited by his grandfather and a woman that claims to be Ushe’s sister soon after. This shocks Reynaldo as the sister is 80 years old and Ushe looked to be in her 20’s. She explains that her sister went to live with the leader of the Arupani’s tribe. We also learn that the people of that tribe were the guardians of the walking tree and some were eternal.

Another flashback follows soon after where we see Ushu is carrying on with her initiation and ritual under the tutoring of Yua. He explains that once the ritual is done, she will become one with the jungle. She takes the final plunge by drinking a potion and starts having visions of the future. In the present, Elena, still troubled by Ushe’s death, goes out drinking and sleeps with a local man. She shows him a picture of the man Uribe met with earlier and asks him who he is. He tells her his name is Efrain Marquez.

Green Frontier carries on in the same tone and pace as the first episode. While still a bit slow, we are seeing more of Ushe and Yua’s story and shown a bit more about their deep relationship with nature and the jungle. The mystery itself continues to thicken too as we realize that the police are probably corrupt and involved in the murders.

The cinematography is still the stand-out here though, with more gorgeous shots of the Amazon. It’s not often that we see a series concentrating on un-contacted tribal groups like this so it does make Green Frontier feel more interesting, and definitely makes us want to come back for more to find out what has happened to Ushe and her link to Helena.


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