Green Frontier – Season 1 Episode 3 “ The Tree” Recap & Review

Picking Up The Pace

Episode 3 of Green Frontier begins with Raquel whipping herself and asking God for forgiveness over and over again. Reynaldo comes to see Helena and tells her he knows who the dead woman is and that her sister is 80 years old. Helena realizes that Ushe is mentioned as a guide in her parent’s book. Reynaldo also finds out for Helena that her father is no longer in jail.

Back in the past, someone in Yua’s tribe was attacked by the loggers and one of the men is not happy with Yua as he wasn’t there when it happened. He then meets with a white doctor who offers his help and the one from another tribe to defeat the loggers. Back at the tribe, more have been injured so they decide to fight back.

In the present, Helena visits her father in hospital who seems gravely ill. Afterwards she asks Reynaldo to speak to Ceballos who was the chief of police 20 years ago. After finding out where he lives, she goes to see him and asks about Efrain Marquez. He replies that he went to prison with her father and that he will be difficult to find. He then mentions her house fire and that he thinks the natives were probably responsible for it. He also thinks it is a miracle she survived and we’re led to believe that her mother didn’t make it out alive.

The next day at the morgue, she finds out that Ushe’s DNA was made of three different species. Suddenly, she hears a noise and as she enters another room, she gets knocked out. When she comes to, she finds the doctor has been beaten up and the body of Ushe gone. She then storms into the police station to confront Uribe about what just happened. She accuses him of being corrupt and tells him that she will get a boat tomorrow to meet Efrain.

Later that night, Uribe goes to see Reynaldo, ordering him to take Helena to the jungle and to make sure she doesn’t come out alive. The episode then ends in the past with the Arupanis, the doctor and the other tribes fighting the Loggers resulting in a bloodbath.

Green Frontier picks up the pace a little during the third episode; especially towards the end with the incident inside the morgue and with Helena finally confronting Uribe. As I’ve said before, Juana’s acting is one of the main focus points here and she really brings some depth into the series. We’re also given more details about the past as well and seeing the struggle of the Arupanis’ tribe make us realize that this could be happening right now, especially since there are less and less uncontacted tribes out there with the ontinued deforestation of rainforests.

It will be interesting to see where the story goes from here and what the actual link between Helena and Ushe is, but for now the series injects a much-needed dose of urgency into proceedings.


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