Green Frontier – Season 1 Episode 1 “The Deep Jungle” Recap & Review

The Femicides

Green Frontier begins episode 1 deep in the Amazon Rainforest. As the camera pans across the floor, it reveals multiple dead bodies of women which sets the scene for the series to follow.

Agent Helena Poveda arrives by helicopter and is greeted by Reynaldo Bueno. They make their way through the Amazon River on a small boat. As they reach the land near where the women died, she is met by other local policemen. She’s not happy because they moved the bodies and wants to go back to the scene of the crime. All 4 women also happen to be missionaries from Eden’s church. As she investigates further, she comes across the hanging body of a tribal woman dressed like the other nuns and as Helena examines closer, she notices a strange gaping hole in her chest and her heart missing.

From here we flashback to see several tribes members, including the hanging woman, running away from gunshots. The man kneels down and touches the floor, muttering words in his language, rendering them invisible to their assailants.

Back to the present, the man from the flashback, Yua, comes across strange men in masks who quickly start shooting at him with a gun and arrows. He then lays on the floor and begs the jungle to let him see her one more time. This prompts him to have a vision where he speaks to the hanged woman, Ushe. She tells him that he has forgotten who he really is and that their mother is in danger.

Helena and Reynaldo arrive in a community and speak to Wilson Nai about the dead woman. He thinks the woman is from the Mananuc tribe. She shows him the feather of the arrow they found but he doesn’t know who uses these kinds of feathers. She explains that she has been drained of blood but he has no idea who could perform that type of ritual. She also tells him that she feels like she has seen her before.

The next morning, the woman’s tribe is about to burn the body which displeases Helena as she needs to investigate it more. We also learn that the woman didn’t age. They take the body to Yurumi and see more women from the same congregation of the ones that got killed in the jungle.

Back in her room, Elena reads from a book given to her by her parents. She learns about the Chiris Sanango flower which is only born when its root comes out of a dead body, and it carries the soul of the deceased. It’s also the same flower that was around Ushe’s body. Helena makes her way in the jungle and finds more of these flowers. She has flashbacks of herself as a child in a house on fire and a woman carrying her out. We then see that the woman was Ushe.

The first episode of Green Frontier sets the scene quite well with enough intrigue and narrative work to make us wonder what has happened. It manages to keep us hooked as we question quite what link Helena has with Ushe.

It’s worth pointing out here too that there are some stunning aerial shots of the Amazon River and forest which helps makes us feel as if we’re there. The acting from the main cast is quite good and in particular Juana Del Rio, who does a good job portraying a female investigator in a male orientated setting, all whilst dealing with the demons of her past.

Green frontier is a little slow at times but manages to blend the supernatural elements with its mystery quite well, leading into the second episode.


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