Good Morning Veronica – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Cage

Episode 6 of Good Morning Veronica begins with Claudio about to strike again. He captures the young girl, bundling her in the boot of his car. 

At the same time, Vero evades the armed men and races up to follow Janete’s signal. Claudio stops the car in the woods and forces Janete underground to the bunker. Predictably the signal is weak there, prompting Veronique to use her wits to try and detect the exact location.

She doesn’t get much but Veronica does confirm Janete is in the basement. Snatching up the bloodied young girl, the duo scramble to safety as Nelson’s brilliant transmitters start to lose their strength. Unfortunately gunshots pierce the air as Claudio is back on the rampage and holds Janete up at gun-point while she’s trying to escape from him.

Claudio doesn’t kill her but does hold her captive inside the house with locked doors and (as she soon finds out) security cameras. When Claudio returns, he confronts her over the phone call she almost made earlier in the day.

Janete spins the story to include phoning her sister. It turns out Janice is still alive but Claudio’s clearly had his way with her. He rings through to Janice but she tells Janete not to call and avoids speaking to her. 

Veronica awakens to find herself back home after having a bit of a panic attack out in the woods. With her mission a failure, she’s forced to listen to the audio snippets from the night before while bitterly bemoaning her luck.

Beating herself up, Veronica speaks to her husband who tells her “the boat is sinking” and she’s losing sight of her family life. To make matters worse, Nelson arrives with flowers and bread for the family.

This only causes a further wedge to form between Paulo and Vero as Nelson sits with her privately and discusses the case. Given what happened to her out on the street, Nelson worries that her number may be up – especially if Claudio knows who she is.

When Veronica heads outside, paranoia consumes her. She immediately goes to Janete’s house and tries to convince the woman to help and give her another chance. Given what she’s sacrificed to the cause, Janete blames herself for the poor girl dying and shuns Veronica.

On the back of this, Janete flushes the earrings down the toilet to prevent more harm being done to her.

That evening, Janete uses the security cameras to figure out some of Claudio’s secrets. He’s been stashing photos from his childhood inside the Virgin Mary inside the living room. As Janete creeps over and looks in the statue, she finds pictures in there of Claudio as a baby. Notably, he’s also scratched off the face of his Mother.

Veronica turns back to Prata and starts to realize that this “death squad” that went after her was intentional. It also appears like Carvana knew about this and willingly gave Vero his car to prevent her death.

At the station Nelson manages to track down the car that followed Vero that night. Although the license plate is a fake, the picture on the back windscreen is anything but.

Midway through checking the files, Carvana gives Veronica a new case to work on. This seems like a distraction and it’s only made worse by Anita showing up with a bruised arm. The same arm from one of the masked assailants she backed into. Does this mean the police are in on this?

Realizing she can’t trust anyone, Veronica heads out and back to her Father while Anita watches from afar. When she leaves, Anita arrives before Veronica’s Father, Julio. She stubs a cigarette out on his palm as the scene cuts across to show Veronica at home consoling her daughter. 

Their dog has been killed upstairs and worse, on the wall is a picture of the inpatient files for her Father. If that wasn’t bad enough, Janete finds out she’s pregnant. Phew, talk about a trippy whammy. 

The Episode Review

As we start to gear up for the final act, the truth is revealed as corruption at the police station is showcased in all its unpleasantness. Learning that the police are covering up what’s going on and liaising with the military police means Veronica is well and truly on her own.

However, this reveal also sees the genre jarringly change from police procedural into thriller territory. After a relatively stable and balanced opening 5 episodes this does feel a bit abrupt. However, there’s enough here to enjoy nonetheless and it sets up a promising final few episodes to come.

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