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Outside The Box

Episode 5 of Good Morning Veronica begins with more glimpses of the past, as we see what happened with Veronica’s Father on the fateful night her Mother was killed.  This eventually catches us up to the present, where Veronica heads in to the nursing home to celebrate her Father’s birthday.

Janete meanwhile feels Claudio’s wrath. When she awakens, bruises plague her face and she can barely talk. Claudio also receives a visit from a mole, informing her that “someone” from Civil police is checking him out.

Acting fast, Claudio heads in to the police station and requests to speak to Anita. As he does, Veronica receives a call from Janete who confirms that she took the box off and may hold crucial clues for her.

Racing up to her house, Veronica is shocked to see Janete’s bruises and snaps photos for evidence. This incredibly brave woman shows her sketches she took from that night. The latest victim was called Jessica and she goes on to mention the scarred old woman she saw before Claudio beat her down.

On the back of this, Veronica tries to work out whether the ranch belongs to a relative or not. As she leaves with the sketches, she tasks Janete with trying to track Claudio’s phone in real-time.

Vero takes everything she’s gathered so far and speaks to to Carvana. She’s convinced Claudio’s a serial killer but her Uncle is having none of it. Instead, she heads out and finds Tania, who bitterly reveals that Gregorio has been released from custody. There’s certainly no justice here given what he’s done.

Elsewhere, Janete starts searching through Claudio’s things – including a key to a sketchbook holding drawings of birds in cages. His “little bird” if you will. It also has more clues surrounding his sick obsession with hurting these girls. Crucially, it also holds two pictures from his childhood.

Nelson continues to help with Veronica’s case, suggesting they plant a tracker on Janete rather than Claudio. That way it should trace them all the way back to Claudio’s hideout.

Unfortunately Veronica isn’t able to act further as she learns her case is being given to Anita. As she heads out the room, she leaves her phone to record the conversation. There, she hears first-hand that corruption in the police goes all the way up to the top.

Somehow Anita and Carvana both know what a monster Claudio is and they’re doing everything they can to stop him being investigated. Upon hearing this, Vero is understandably angry and screams to the heavens outside.

Not long after, she heads to Prata and shows him the audio recording. He encourages her to drop the case. Claudio is part of the dangerous military police and everyone in these parts know not to mess with them.

Unfortunately Carvana only cares about burying the case and it leaves Veronica stuck and unsure where to turn next.

Janete meanwhile sacrifices a lot after getting Claudio drunk. She manages to hack into his phone and find the tracking number Veronica needs. After writing it down, she phones through and passes on the number.

In order to nip this case in the bud, Veronica passes over a recording device to her. This comes in the form of earrings which Janete wears graciously. All she needs now is a confession.

In order to get that, Claudio returns home and asks for a kiss after every question. She begins by asking about his parents but the evidence isn’t enough to incriminate him.

With snippets of evidence being gained, Veronica confronts Carvana over the case. She calls him corrupt and Carvana’s response is a swift slap across the face.

Unsure what else to do, Veronica receives word that Claudio is heading to the bus station and realizes another victim is imminent. Wearing her police badge, she takes Carvana’s car and races to the station to try and stop what’s about to take place.

However, Janete gets there first and does her usual gig for an unsuspecting girl. Before Veronica can get there, armed men almost run her off the road and gun her down. As Veronica speeds away, the episode leaves everything resting on a precarious knife edge.

The Episode Review

With a thrilling cliffhanger ending, Good Morning Veronica leaves the door wide open for the second half of this drama.

Alongside that though this episode expertly uses mirrors to reinforce the idea of our inner-selves hiding our true nature. There’s some slick camera angles to really show this off and it helps to showcase what a monster Claudio really is.

Will Veronica make it to him in time? Or is there going to be another murder to Claudio’s name? We’ll have to wait and see!

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