Good Casting – K-Drama Episode 4 Recap and Review


Returning for another heavy dose of comedy and drama, Good Casting delivers one of its best episodes as we see the deeper undercover mission carried out by the trio of leading ladies. With a shocking climax and lots of fun individual moments dotted throughout, Good Casting is quickly growing into a formidable Korean drama well worth watching.

Episode 4 of Good Casting begins with Mi-Soon running into a spot of bother when her lockpick breaks in the drawer. Although she doesn’t find anything incriminating inside, she does find a whole stack of sachets. After emptying the bin, Mi-Soon finds a note reading “8.30pm on the 15th at Red Purple”, which happens to be a local wine bar. When she reconvenes with Chan-Mi, she feeds back what she’s found and they discuss the blue scarf on Chief Tak, realizing they need to get in the bar to find out what happened during 8.30pm.

In a flashback, we see the awkward moments between CEO Yoon and Chan-Mi, with her becoming his new tutor in a nicely animated silent movie montage.

Meanwhile, Cheol-Woong is forced to pack 4 bags for Woo-Won in the wake of him leaving. When he receives a call from an unknown number telling him to deliver the package to Wang-Kai by 9.30pm, he decides to quit while he’s ahead and bails on them. A disgruntled Cheol-Woong switches the watches in Woo-Woon’s house and goes into hiding.

While Mi-Soon and Chan-Mi prepare to go undercover for the second part of their plan, Woo-Won watches on the security cameras as Ye-Eul psyches herself up to visit him. Presenting him with the contract, he asks for another condition – she be there for his events. When he finds out she didn’t take any photos on him however, Woo-Won rips up the contract infront of her as Ye-Eul is left with the very real possibility that she’s about to be fired.

Working together, Mi-Soon and Chan-Mi infiltrate the wine bar, with the former managing to make her way into the backroom area. While they do, Ye-Eul sneaks into Woo-Won’s house with instructions to hack his security cameras. However, she runs into trouble when Woo-Won heads down to the basement and sees Cheol-Woong has spray-painted all of his cars.

Even more alarming though is a mysterious stranger who enters the house and snatches him up, believing Woo-Won to be Cheol-Woong. On the way out, she also tasers Ye-Eul and takes her too. In the boot of the car, Ye-Eul activates Code Blue on her tracker but in doing so Woo-Won believes she’s trying to kiss him and headbutts her, knocking her out.

With their cover blown, Mi-Soon and Chan-Mi scramble out the bar and manage to make it to the van with the security footage in hand. Within the files they see Chief Tak and Woo-Won’s manager talking. As they race off down the road, Mu-Hyeok catches up with Mr Dong and the others and manages to make it into the van just in time.

Meanwhile, Ye-Eul and Woo-Won awaken to find themselves gagged and tied up in a warehouse full of gang members. With things looking bleak, Chan-Mi and Mi-Soon arrive to save the day, beating down the gang members and saving the duo from their fates. Unfortunately, Mr Dong is shot through the heart by the mysterious woman, and as the gunshot ricochets through the warehouse, the trio of ladies look on in shock.

During the epilogue, we see more of the moments with Ye-Eun at Woo-Won’s gates, trying to enter.

With a shocking climax and lots of unanswered questions, the decision to lighten things up and cut back in time for the epilogue is a bit of a questionable one. While on the one hand it does help to fill in some blanks and deliver strong comedy in the process, the ending to this episode is pretty intense and seeing that juxtaposed so harshly with the humour is the one black cloud on an otherwise excellent episode.

Good Casting perfectly balances these moments of humour with darker drama and four episodes down, this Monday and Tuesday drama is quickly becoming a really fun and enjoyable watch. It may be a little illogical at times and the story could be a bit tighter in places, but the enjoyment is enough to make for a really solid watch nonetheless.

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  1. This show gets rave reviews but I must be the only person in the world who dislikes it. It is not funny to me. I decided to give up watching by ep 4 because of the silent movie scene which was not funny but cringe and try too hard. There is lots of obvious humour in this that just doesn’t suit my taste.

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