Good Casting – K-Drama Episode 3 Recap and Review

Push The Button

Good Casting returns this week with a continuation of our story as the trio of leading ladies find themselves tumbling further into enemy territory. Deep undercover and each facing their own issues, this espionage drama continues to deliver the goods with a healthy dose of comedy along the way.

Episode 3 of Good Casting begins with Mi-Soon hiding in the vents to escape while Chan-Mi is saved by a worker arriving to gather the CEO’s signature on some documents. While Chan-Mi listens, CEO Yoon plans to gatecrash Director Gye-Cheol’s dinner.

As he leaves the room, Chan-Mi breathes a sign of relief but unfortunately leaves behind the flash drive in his office. Only, she’s too caught up on the past to focus, especially given her connection with Yoon and it leads her to try and get back in the office again to retrieve the flash drive.

Sang-Gi and Gye-Cheol begin scheming against the CEO, attending a meeting with him where things are tense to say the least. It prompts Yoon to tell them he wants all the NAND flash research to be approved through him first.

While Ye-Eun finds herself berated by her superiors, Chan-Mi scrambles to grab the flash drive. On her way out the door however, the CEO spots her trying to sneak away and confronts her, sitting Chan-Mi down and talking about her profile.

Meanwhile, Mi-Soon gets herself in a serious spot of bother; trapped in the vents without her earpiece which falls out and lands on the floor. As the other two girls realize what’s happened, Ye-Eun and Chan-Mi work together posed as security officers to break into the vents and save her. Unfortunately that’s easier said than done when Chan-Mi’s instructions to “push the red button” and stop the air filtration system sees her faced with a panel full of red buttons.

Thankfully they manage to work together and rescue Mi-Soon from her fate. Congregating outside the Wash & Clean van, Dong hands them all tracking devices and tells them to remain vigilant. Ye-Eun meanwhile is forced to work through her issues with Woo-Won alone while Cheol-Woong receives a call surrounding a package and sets to work completing the delivery. As he does, Chan-Mi happens to be watching from her car.

The next day Chan-Mi sits at the cafeteria with the CEO. When Chief Tak arrives, his familiar blue scarf prompts her to message Mi-Soon and task her with searching his office for clues. Unfortunately Chief Tak uses his informants to learn Chan-Mi’s true identity. As she steps in the elevator with CEO Yoon, Chief Tak enters too and stares suspiciously as Chan-Mi struggles to keep her composure.

In the epilogue, the girls hilariously discuss their marks and who could be innocent or guilty.

With lots of comedy – including a wonderfully animated segment involving Chan-Mi and her high heel throwing act, Good Casting balances this out nicely with the darker edge in the story running through this one. The balance between comedy and espionage drama is ultimately what makes this series so much fun and while it may not be the strongest Korean drama this year, there’s no denying that this one is very enjoyable to watch nonetheless.

Featuring another cliffhanger and lots of unanswered questions, Good Casting continues to back up its good casting with some wonderful cinematography and editing. Hopefully this continues right the way through the series!

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