Glamorous – Season 1 Episode 8 “Are You on the List?” Recap & Review

Are You on the List?

Episode 8 of Glamorous Season 1 begins with Marco reveling in the fact that he has a boyfriend now. Who would have thought having a boyfriend would open so many doors for him? He and Parker are quite busy exploring each other and things are going great. They even finally define the relationship. It is official guys! Marco is off the market!

Parker invites him to go out of town with some of his friends to celebrate the Fourth of July. Marco is excited by what an out-of-town trip means for their relationship. He is also worried about getting along with Parker’s friends. Parker believes his friends will love him and assures him everything will work out.

Marco has to first prepare Madolyn for an out-of-town trip. She is going away to think about what to do about the Vendemiaire deal. Everyone at the office is worried but Madolyn assures Marco that she will figure it out. Marco notices that Teddy is no longer working for Madolyn but Madolyn doesn’t want to spill the details.

After seeing Madolyn off, Marco returns to the office to an anxious Chad who wants to know what his mom is thinking. He has been trying to figure out a way to save the company but has been coming up short. He believes Marco has some insights on Madolyn’s next move and wants to convince him to influence Madolyn’s thoughts.

Venetia asks him to back off Marco. She sends Marco home early and promises she has everything under control. Chad wonders why she is not more worried but Venetia lies that she trusts Madolyn. The truth is, she is scheming with Mykynnleigh to make sure the deal goes through. She gives Mykynnleigh the Glamorous Formula archive. The plan is to scare Madolyn into signing the deal.

Before heading out for his exciting weekend with his boyfriend, Marco checks in on Ben. Ben has been distant since the activation event and Marco wants to make sure they are cool. Ben, as always lies and says he is cool but he is still interested in Marco. Marco mentions in passing that he is heading out of town with a few friends and leaves.

Ben runs into Chad in the restroom and Chad convinces him to come with him and stalk Marco. He is hoping he can spend the weekend with Marco and convince him to influence Madolyn’s decision. He uses Ben’s feelings for Marco to get him to give up Marco’s plans for the weekend. He gives Ben hope that maybe there is a chance for him and Marco.

Meanwhile, an excited Marco packs his clothes as he chats with his mom about having a boyfriend. Julie advises him not to worry too much about fitting in but Marco misses her point and decides to do a make-under. He’s barely recognizable when he shows up on Parker’s doorstep! Parker is surprised too but is ready for whatever surprises Marco and the weekend have in store for him.

They get to the house and Marco realizes that one of the guys is Parker’s ex. He becomes more determined to make everyone like him. He feels like he is on trial and has to impress Parker’s friends. They all head out for lunch and Marco is surprised to see Ben and Chad, who invite themselves to hang with them.

Parker’s friends think Chad is hot so they don’t complain. Marco is forced to get into a deal with Chad to make sure he impresses Parker’s friends. Chad tries to talk to Marco to tell him that he doesn’t need to change himself but it is like talking to a wall. Chad agrees not to tell Ben that Marco is in a relationship with Parker. Marco wants Ben to think he is just hanging out with Parker. He doesn’t want to hurt his feelings so he lies.

Marco’s attempt to impress Parker’s friends doesn’t start off well but it is salvageable.  After seeing Marco’s efforts, Parker’s ex warns him about Parker’s jealousy. He insists that it is Marco’s job to always make sure Parker has his way and is happy. This should have been another red flag but Marco is blind!  They hang out, drink and even put up one hell of a performance from the Chicago musical.

After the performance, Marco invites Chad and Ben to stay back and go to a party with them. Parker gets jealous and reveals that Marco was the one chasing him and they only got serious a week ago. He also lets slip that Marco called Ben pathetic for chasing him around all summer. He knew that Marco didn’t want Ben to find out but he is being petty.

Marco chases after Ben to calm him down and explain. However, Ben is pissed and goes ham on Marco. Let us just say that he dropped some truth bombs that Marco was not ready for.

The Episode Review

Well, well, well! Ben sure did read Marco like he was a pissed NeNe Leakes in an episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Damn! That burn has to hurt but Marco had it coming. He has been hurting Ben and being a selfish person willing to change himself for a prick like Parker. He was in too deep, he didn’t even realize that Parker was slowly pulling his strings.

Once again, manipulative Chad showed up in this episode and now Ben is facing some hard truths about Marco. In his defence, Chad had no idea, he simply wanted to save the company.

We didn’t get to see what choice Madolyn made in this episode but let’s hope she made the right choice. I wonder how her choice will be affected by the betrayal of Venetia. What was Venetia thinking? Anyone can tell that Mykynnleigh can’t be trusted.

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