Glamorous – Season 1 Episode 7 “I Don’t Care Who You Know” Recap & Review

I Don’t Care Who You Know

Episode 7 of Glamorous Season 1 begins with Marco and Madolyn doing a vlog to get some buzz going for their upcoming Pride campaign. The goal of this is also to promote the new organic palette that was Venetia’s idea.

Elsewhere, Venetia and Chad are meeting with Mykynnleigh to talk about the deal and it looks like everything is going on track. However, Chad feels like something is missing because Mykynnleigh is too relaxed and he fears she has a mole. Venetia thinks that he is overthinking and encourages him to celebrate their win.

Back at the office, Marco struggles to manage the RSVP list as many celebrities try to get invites to the activation event planned for later that night. Ben shows up to cheer him on and Marco wonders why Ben is not interested in coming to the event. It turns out that Ben would rather play a videogame than go to the party. They end up flirting around while planning their next rendezvous.

Venetia is happy that Marco and Ben are finally dating but Marco is not ready to define the relationship. He wants to keep his options open but really he is just conflicted about his feelings for Parker. It is why he is planning to have lunch with Parker and officially break up. We all know he is looking for trouble and Ben will end up getting hurt.

Our other couple, Madolyn and James are going well and Madolyn asks James to be her date for the event. They are mixing work with pleasure and so far the only issue is James is feeling jealous of Teddy. Madolyn assures him that Teddy is practically family and he has nothing to worry about.

On the other hand, Venetia realizes that Teddy has been acting weird after finding him snooping around her desk. She tries to bring this up with Madolyn who simply brushes her off. Venetia decides to check Madolyn’s car and finds a bug. She immediately notifies Chad and tells him he was right about Mykynnleigh, she has been using Teddy to spy on them.

Meanwhile, our confused lover boy Marco has a date with Parker and they end up having sex. This was certainly not the dessert we had in mind. Nonetheless, Marco insists that this is goodbye and that he is moving on. Parker made him feel insecure and inadequate but Marco just can’t get over him. Officially, Marco might be suffering from bad boy syndrome, this is when you know someone is wrong but he is too hot for you to get over!

After that encounter with Parker, Marco turns to Ben and officially asks him to be his date for the event. Britt overhears this conversation and is glad to help Ben find an outfit and get him to the party. Ben is also excited, he thinks they are officially dating and is happy to cancel his other plans for Marco.

Back to the other crisis at hand, Chad and Venetia inform Madolyn that there is a spy and it is most likely Teddy. Later that evening, she tries to gauge if it is true that Teddy betrayed her. Teddy unknowingly picks up the bait and Madolyn is heartbroken. She calls Venetia and Chad to meet her at her place and they come up with a plan.

Madolyn decides to turn the tables on the spy and use the bug to get Vendemiaire to stop lowballing them. They set a plan in motion to make it look like they are getting offers from other companies.

As the evening rolls in, Britt and Ben get ready and Ben confides in her that he was worried about the other guy in Marco’s life. Ben is happy that Parker was kicked to the curb and is reveling in the fact that he now has a chance with Marco.

Speaking of Marco, he is still confused and asks his mom for advice. Her advice is not entirely right but she tells him to try and make the right mistakes. Damn! I wish she told him something different for Ben’s sake. Marco is young and Parker has his allure but he also makes him feel like crap. Parker is sorry but does he deserve a second chance? What about Ben? You know, the real villain here is Marco, he is dragging Ben along knowing he is still not over Parker!

Finally, it is party time and even Mykynnleigh is impressed by the way the company paid attention to the history of Pride and tried to be inclusive.  She is also impressed that Madolyn is in the campaign. The party is successful and Mykynnleigh gets anxious after learning that Glamorous by Madolyn is getting offers.  This forces Vendemiaire to double their offer but the catch is Madolyn should sign the contract immediately.

Concurrently, Ben and Marco have a great time at the party but Britt warns Marco to figure his feeling out before he hurts Ben. This leads to Marco having a talk with Ben to define their relationship and tell him that he is not looking for something serious. Ben pretends he was also not serious but he is hurt. In the end, Marco goes to Parker and decides to give him a second chance. I guess Selena Gomez was right, the heart wants what it wants!

In the meantime, Venetia, Chad and Madolyn talk about the Vendemiaire deal with Mykynnleigh. Mykynnleigh reveals that she got James to turn on Madolyn and not Teddy. This shakes Madolyn to her core and she walks out. Venetia follows her to convince her to sign the deal. They get into it as Madolyn accuses her of only focusing on her future and forgetting the deal is about her legacy. Madolyn suggests that maybe it is time for Venetia to stand on her own feet.

Madolyn heads home and is surprised when James shows up to explain himself. He was accidentally roped in by Mykynnleigh to spy on Madolyn. This however does not excuse his betrayal, he knew what he was doing and he chose to hurt her. Thankfully, Madolyn doesn’t let him back in.

The episode ends with Venetia drinking with Mykynnleigh and planning how to make the sale happen whether Madolyn likes it or not.

The Episode Review

We’re certainly conflicted about the love triangle Marco has going on. I mean, Parker is sorry and is willing to work out their issues. He is ready to be seen publicly with Marco and treat him right.

On the other hand, Ben has always been there and all he wants is a chance to love Marco right. I feel that Ben would have made a better boyfriend but unfortunately, Marco has feelings for Parker. Let us just hope he won’t be singing Taylor’s song, I Knew You Were Trouble by the time this season ends!

Venetia is going through it and she is right on some level. She has been dedicating herself to the company but in most cases, she has had one foot out the door. She is loyal but has some fleeting moments when she is ready to jump ship. I am not sure she is the ride-and-die she thinks she is. I am looking forward to seeing what she will do next. Will Britt have to talk her out of a bad idea again?

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