Girl From Nowhere – Season 2 Ending Explained

The Story

Nanno is back in season 2, ready to enact revenge on all those who need it. Our mysterious girl heads to various different schools once more, setting her sights on a womanizer, a hazing senior, rich students and more.

However, Nanno soon meets Yuri and the girl becomes her protégé, joining Nanno on her revenge missions. Only, Yuri’s methods don’t quite align with Nanno’s way of thinking.

There’s a lot of drama this season and everything leads nicely to a deliciously ambiguous finale. So what the heck happened? Well, we break down everything you need to know!

Who is Yuri?

We meet Yuri in episode 4 during a stand-alone chapter focusing on her struggles. She allowed herself to be turned into a servant for two rich girls in exchange for money. Nanno saw something in this girl and helped her gain revenge over her classmates.

Nanno also granted her the ability to come back from death, taking Yuri under her wing as a protégé to learn the ropes and understand how this revenge-giving works. However, Yuri’s impatience sees her lust for blood. She forces Nanno’s hand on numerous occasions and has a much more driven view than her teacher.

Is there more than one Nanno?

Episode 6 seems to hint that there’s more than one Nanno operating out there. This would explain her surviving these different deaths, how Nanno comes back to life and how she’s arriving at all these different schools. It could also explain the trademark maniacal laugh too.

During a shot of Nanno’s “rebirth” from being impaled on a pole, three Nanno clones are standing in a row. They help defeat the Principal but after, when Yuri is tied up, Nanno claims that there’s “so many of us here.” This could well be further evidence to support this theory.

How Does Girl From Nowhere Season 2 end?

The final fight between Junko and her Mother ends in misery. Waan has her throat slit and bleeds out while Nanno is stabbed multiple times in the gut. Yuri stands and laughs manically while all this takes place. Tears well up in Nanno’s eyes as blood splashes over white flowers.

Through all this pain and bloodshed, Yuri cuts her hand and runs a bloodied finger over Junko’s mouth.

The girl licks her lips as it seems this duo are being groomed to become the new revenge power couple. As they walk away from one another, the camera pans up to a balcony with Nanno sitting and watching this unfold.

It’s here she reflects back and asks outright whether she’s really necessary any more.

Nanno and Yuri’s powers

While we’re not explicitly told this, it seems Nanno’s real power comes from her blood. In episode 4, Yuri was drowned in the bloodied bathwater that Nanno was lying unconscious in.

At the end of the episode, Nanno walked away but the blood left over seemed to collect up toward Yuri’s nose. This is around the time her eyes suddenly opened and the screen faded to black.

But what are the stipulations to become a judgmental revenge being like these two? It seems killing is one of the prerequisites, which would explain Yuri ritualistically putting blood over Junko’s lips at the end.

Is Junko now one of the revenge girls?

If blood and killing really are the ingredients to become one to judge others, it wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility to see Junko join Nanno and Yuri. The way the camera zoomed in on Junko licking her bloodied lips seems to hint that this is where the show is going.

The last shot we see of the pair shows Junko and Yuri walking away in opposite directions. Are they really parting ways or are they exacting more revenge?

What happened to Nanno? 

By the end of the season, Nanno starts to humanize and empathize with her victims a lot more. She’s moved by this Mother/daughter relationship on more than one occasion. In episode 4 she sees Yuri and her Mother, freezing in the process.

This is ultimately a lovely bit of foreshadowing as we see this is Nanno’s downfall in the finale. Nanno’s death comes at the hands of Waan, who stabs her numerous times in a blind fit of rage.

The final shot of Nanno showed her bleeding from the eyes and with a slight smile on her face. One would assume Nanno is dead.

Only, we also see her on the balcony at the end, overlooking everything. This may well be a nod back to episode 6 where it’s shown that there’s more than one Nanno; there are multiple versions out there and the one Waan killed is simply just one of the clones.

Is Nanno really dead?

Alternatively, you could view this same sequence of events as a sort of view from above in the afterlife. Talk of Nanno becoming mortal after her icy façade shattered a few episodes back could be the clue, with Nanno’s emotional investment in her cases seeing her no longer “worthy.”

Her death could be finite and the final shot of Nanno on the balcony simply an apparition of what’s come before.

Quite tellingly, Nanno did tell Yuri earlier this season that impatience will be her downfall. This could well be a nod toward a season 3 revival and retribution on Nanno’s part.

The ending is certainly open to interpretation, but either way the prospect of a third season certainly wouldn’t go amiss!

Thanks for reading our Ending Explained article! What did you think of Girl From Nowhere season 2’s ending? Do you think Nanno is really dead? Do you think there be a follow-up season? Let us know in the comments below!

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40 thoughts on “Girl From Nowhere – Season 2 Ending Explained”

  1. Honestly, I don’t think Nanno is really dead. I don’t think there’s multiple versions of Nanno too. Well, I mean that all the clones don’t have their own conscience. I think they’re replacements, that’s why Nanno is able to bring them to her and other stuff. I just think they’re replacements brought into existence once Nanno needs it, for example… if she dies. Or, if she needs them, like in “The Judgement”. I also think it’s how she did it in season 1 episode 2. She spontaneously came back like she was the same version.

  2. I am very disappointed with the ending I saw her on the balcony who else could it be.Nanoo can’t die even though she didn’t heal in the neck in season 3 she will return with a plan maybe to manipulate events to destroy Yuri and Junko ONCE AND FOR ALL

  3. Oh come on kiddies. You watched the whole series and dont know whats happening. Nanno is still judging and training Yuri and now Junko. She is playing the long game and letting them think they are in control. In reality she is the only immortal. She is more than willing to wait to get her way and this is just on a larger scale.

  4. nanno is obv d main character , yuri n da otha ho ain it 🤷🏽‍♀️ so in my opinión nanno will obv come bck next season n find a way to end both of them bc les all rmb she has clones she was d one who brought bck yuri n im sure js like tht she can take it back 😂

  5. I hope Nanno truly kill both them on season 3, I only want Nanno on the series! I knew that girl in red would annoy the series, I got disappointed by the ending :/

  6. I clearly understand the last part of Girl From Nowhere. On the last part Yuri thought that Nanno is dead and she didn’t know Nanno’s plan. Base on what i read on Episode 7 Yuri ask Nanno is she’s mortal and Nanno’s neck doesn’t heal yet. And Nanno plan and that Nanno who has a stab on her neck. The real Nanno use her clone to lead. Cuz she know she’s gonna kill by Miss Waan and Yuri didn’t know Nanno’s plan she expect that this will be Nanno last Day. Yuri didn’t thought that Real Nanno use her clone to think that Nanno’s really dead. So The Girl From Nowhere Season 3 will be a mysterious. I think on season 3 yuri shocked y Nanno still alive. Sooooo… Thats all i know base in what i read. And thanks to this website its make me clearly understand on the last episode…….. Bye🤗☺

  7. One thing I don’t understand is her powers. Because in the episode with the boy who pretended to be rush in the first season. Nanny had the power to make anything happen. So not only is she immortal but she’s seemingly all powerful.

  8. If there’s no more Nanno in season 3. I won’t be watching it. F*ck Yuri and f*ck that other b*tch. The moment i saw Yuri in season 2 I knew she’d ruin everything. I hated the ending. Nanno is the QUEEN!

  9. Nanno can’t be dead. The actress who plays her has made this series the great and unique show that it is. Everyone else pales before her, they are all just props. The writers have to know that.

  10. I believe the one on the balcony might have been junko, her hands and hair were different than nanno’s and her torso is shorter than nanno. tbh I don’t like the ending and Yuri and junko are both annoying to me. Yuri seems like a cheap copy of nanno. similar to how they replaced L with Near in Death Note. same character on the very base of it but different look and process of things.

  11. nanno is not dead she’s still alive she’s the daughter of satan and she’s the main character she even still has nanno on her bio she posted a recent story a few hours ago even a youtuber said she’s still alive and if nanno was dead she could’ve just removed the nanno from her bio and she’s the main character so she’s still alive

  12. Yuri’s character is complex and unstable, which makes for a very good character development; unfortunately, I don’t buy the actress. Her facial expressions do not match the unfathomable mystery that the actress of Nanno portrays. She’s too readable.

  13. Or maybe the nanno clone which was connected to Yuri, the one whose blood Yuri drank might be the one who died. That means Yuri’s impatient would cause the downfall for killing the connection between her and nanno. But there r other nannos who are alive which might come after Yuri.

  14. Wow this show is brilliant. Nanno is surely belongs in the world to handle those persons like Yuri and Janko. Nanno is the hero.

  15. Wait, there’s a guy in ep 6 that licked Nanno’s dripping blood from the pole in his ice cream right? Will he be the first male in the revenge squad?

  16. if you watched the super similar movie Tomie, she has a lot of clones just appear out of nowhere. I’m 100% sure that Nanno was inspired with Tomie.

  17. waitt this actually makes a lot more sense. I don’t know if season 3 is gonna be bad or good. Depends on if Junko and Yuri are gonna be in charge instead of Nanno. But hopefully there’s gonna be mostly Nanno.

  18. We need nanno f*ck yuri and junko the show would be nothing without nanno nobody can replace her I would not watch season 3 if nanno is not in it it’s nanno story and spotlight

  19. Nanno is the hit of the show.. if no nanno then no more excitement for the show…. nanno is just perfecf, her characters, evil laugh, expression, everything….

  20. I am very disappointed by the ending. But I know this is necessary. We need to wait again for Season 3. :< Yuri is so annoying and don't listen at all. She thinks she knows everything. Thanks for this brief explanation.

  21. yuri is deffo underestimating nanno, nanno cannot die she just create another body just like in S1 since yuri was/is in training she may think that she knows all there is but when s3 hits nanno will step in. During s2 nanno never intervened on yuri’s plans but yuri did it almost constantly

  22. I don’t careeeeeee about no Duki and Funki I need ma bbg Nanno to pull up in the damn spot and fuck they ass up. As long as I see Nanno in S3 as no Flashback or an old memory. We good and as long as I see her get Duki and Funki we good.

  23. No one can replace Nanno !! And I won’t lie I don’t like Yuri and Junko why are they trying to steal Nanno’s spotlight ?? If there is no Nanno I swear !!!!!!!!!!

  24. I don’t wanna watch it if there’s no kitty, I love her playing the role of nanno… Yuri isn’t exciting as nanno played. I really wish they didn’t just let her died.

  25. nanno should be the only character through out the series like it’s her story not yuri and junko.

  26. Actually I don’t like the fact that there are junko and yuri…i want only nanno…please no more of junko and yuri….they are taking way too much spotlight… it’s nanno story… not theirs..if there is a season 2 i really hope and wish that we will not see junko and yuri anymore kinda disturb the whole story…huisxxx

  27. Nanno is the one and only, yuri and junko can BURN 🔥, nanno is the favorite character why kill her off when you can kill off yuri and junko

  28. Tell me. Who the baby is when the guy got pregnant in Episode 1? Is it a mini Nanno? Lol Idc with Yuri lol

  29. We need nanno its not the same without her, also I don’t think junko should be one of them because she just wanted to kill.

  30. Y’all wrong in these comments nanno is very smart she plays her cards right the wannabes will learn in S3 that nanno is nobody to play with

  31. I feel like this particular show must have her
    The show wouldn’t make it without her …
    Yuri or Junko is not the original

  32. I really think that Nanno would be really gone and would probably heal and train more for S3 and that the next season might probably focus on Yuri and Junko. We might get the chance to see Nanno fighting with the two on the final episode of S3, right?

  33. thank for explaining it, we have to wait a year more to know what will happen next :((

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