Get Even – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

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Episode 5 of Get Even sees Kitty head out for her familiar run before stopping by Ronny’s house. Only, a black car happens to be there and as she keeps running, it seems to be following her. Is someone trying to antagonize Kitty and the others?

Kitty returns home but her parents have a banner up congratulating her for captaincy. Only, she’s obviously not the captain as that honour was given to Cam. Unable to tell them the truth, Kitty lies and forces a smile.

At school the next day, Kitty asks Mika about why she was talking to Coach Creed. Although Rex told her he’s a good guy, Kitty knows that’s far from the truth. Even worse, Kitty receives a B- for her grades.

Bree is called into the Principal’s Office but instead of going, she heads into the toilets to hide out. There, Kitty finds her and the two sit together discussing Coach Creed. Specifically, they comment on his desire of moving in on Mika.

While she continues to avoid the Principal, Kitty meets up with Donte. He gives a rousing speech about Ronny and partying to his classmates before meeting Kitty afterward and mentioning how it’s all for show.

Later that day, Kitty gathers DGM and they decide to release the text messages between Coach Creed and Cam. Despite the implication of this causing issues with the police, they eventually agree to send them after assembly the next day.

The group break off and Olivia speaks to Margot about what they’ve got planned. Although she’s fine with Coach going down, Cam being collateral damage is a difficult pill to swallow.

Out on the field, Cam hands over the armband and the two talk briefly about what happened. As Kitty gets involved in the game, by the sidelines Bree has troubles of her own. The police show up and reveal the origami left at Ronny’s house. Given Bree is in the middle of folding origami when this happens, it certainly doesn’t look good for her.

The Review Write-Up

With Bree now a possible suspect, it looks like the DGM are flying a little too close to the sun. Will the police find out the truth about what they’ve been doing?

There’s also some interesting persona shifts for some of our characters too. Seeing Kitty start to descend down this morally ambiguous path is a nice touch and helps to add more depth to her character. 

As we cross the halfway point of the show, Get Even leaves things wide open for where this one may go next.

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