Get Even – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Get Over It

Episode 4 of Get Even begins with Margot arriving at school but refusing to go on a date with Logan. There’s clearly something in her past that’s holding her back and this episode we find out just what that is. She mentions what happened to Ed and admits that she doesn’t know how to say yes.

At lunch, Logan arrives and apologises to her for being awkward. When he leaves, Margot starts going through the photos on Ronny’s hard-drive and finds one of a girl called Cam. Ronny may have been using this as blackmail against Coach, given there’s some photos of them together. In order to find out for sure, DGM need to take the phone for themselves.

Bree starts a fight with Olivia at lunch in a bid to distract Cam. It works too and Kitty manages to bag the phone for herself. Given Margot is the brains of the operation, Kitty hands the phone over to her but she’s unsure whether this is the right way to go. Eventually she agrees to do this for the team.

Olivia shows up at drama club and Logan sits next to her. He helps give a “guided tour” of who everyone is and for now, eases her into the club. Only, Amber clearly doesn’t like her and knocks the girl down, forcing her back into isolation.

As Amber sits alone, she plays a video from the past. There, we see that Amber got hold of Margot’s diary and humiliated her infront of the whole school. Reading out numerous entries, Margot eventually stops the video; the pain of that incident is just too raw. After some encouraging words of wisdom from Christopher though, she heads back and confronts Amber at lunch.

With the whole lunch hall silent, she bites back at Amber and puts her in her place. With renewed confidence, Margot agrees to go on a date with Logan.

Later that day, DGM check Cam’s unlocked phone and see that Coach Creed was dating her. This is probably why Ronny was blackmailing them. However, Cam and Creed were actually together that night meaning they aren’t responsible for the killing. Only… if it’s not them then who is it?

The Review Write-Up

With a Margot-centric episode, Get Even delivers a really compelling slice of drama. There’s some nice themes at the heart of this one about standing up to bullies and having self confidence. These are obviously important themes and seeing that work around Margot feels like a natural fit. 

Alongside that, this teen drama continues to deepen the mystery and there’s lots of questions surrounding who could have killed Ronny. For now we’re in the dark but I’d imagine the spotlight will start shining pretty brightly in the coming episodes.

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