Get Even – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

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Episode 6 of Get Even begins with things looking bleak for the DGM. Bree is taken away by the police for questioning, leaving Margot to watch on helplessly. On the back of this, cryptic messages are sent between the remaining members about what this means for them.

At the police station, the officers are unable to get through to Bree’s Father so instead they bring John’s Mum in given she’s the second point of contact. With her there for parental support, the officers admit that Bree looks pretty suspicious given that all of her excuses at school can be debunked.

Suddenly, they ask outright whether she’s a member of DGM. After a few moments of silence, Bree’s Father shows up to save the day. With things fractured between them for now, Bree heads out and is pulled into a meeting with the other DGM members.

Bree catches them up on what’s going on as they learn that the origami is what pins her to the crime scene. On the back of this, the group tell her to lay low until the heat on her dies down. Before she goes, Margot hands over a new burner phone to use.

At school the next day, Rex admits to Bree that he knows about the crane. This means he was at Ronny’s house that night and it certainly doesn’t paint him in a very favourable light. Margot decides to hack into Ronny’s wi-fi to get intel on Rex.

At home, Margot gets working but midway through Logan shows up at her door. He invites her along to Ronny’s memorial party while Mika and Kitty get ready to go too. Just before they leave, Mika teases her best friend about having a crush on Donte.

As the night gets underway, John and Shane step up and start performing. While they do, Bree appears to begin feeling affection toward John. Logan also starts dancing with Margot, thanks in part to Christopher. Only, Ed sees them kissing and appears to be a little jealous. The love triangle looks like it’s now up and running.

The night starts to draw to a close and Mika takes her opportunity to take the mic for herself. There, she speaks her mind. She tells them all they need to remember the truth that Ronny was not a nice person and a bully. As she continues on, she admits that Ronny has a lot of dark secrets.

The next day, Mika heads to school but on the way sees someone she recognizes. “I didn’t know you walked this way,” She exclaims but as she backs up, the episode comes to a close.

The Review Write-Up

While the love triangle is a bit formulaic, the core murder mystery at the heart of this one is anything but. There’s a lot of intriguing possibilities over who the killer could be, and so far Get Even has done an excellent job keeping the list of suspects high.

With another possible murder on the cards, Get Even starts to ramp up the tension as this crime drama moves into the business end of this season.

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