Gap: The Series – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Making Amends

Episode 6 of Gap: The Series starts with Kade seeing Sam and Mon kiss and tells the rest. Sam tells them that they are only friends and Jim jokes that then she can also kiss Mon. But Sam ends up slapping her and leaving with Mon. Mon tells her to apologize to Jim immediately but Sam says she will when she wants to.

The next day, Mon apologizes to Jim who tells her that Sam already met her in person and got her gifts. They make up with Sam kissing Jim’s cheeks. On hearing this, Mon gets jealous. At that moment, Sam calls Mon to her office and she declines. Sam threatens to make a scene in the office and Mon goes to her. Sam wants to kiss her but Mon acts angry. She rejects Sam’s offer for dinner and goes to work at home. 

Nop comes over to meet her father and he tells him to patch up with Mon. Nop is formal with her and tells her to be careful as looking up to her idol and falling in love are not the same. He tells her that he is worried about her and that he doesn’t care if women date or if Mon likes women but he doesn’t think she feels that way about Sam.

That night Sam Googles how to make up with an angry girlfriend. She decides to sing a cute song and send the video of it to Mon. Mon tells her that she is upset Sam didn’t tell her about making up with Jim and kissing her. She also asks what they are and Sam suggests that Mon can be her sister, servant or attendant. Mon is annoyed but melts when Sam apologizes and says she will never kiss other people.

The next day, Sam struggles to learn a dance for Jim’s party. Mon calls her asking what she would like to eat as she is outside and Sam keeps asking for her lips. Mon laughs and ends the call but sees Kirk and Nita together. She confronts Kirk and is outraged that he is the mole.

He tells her that he wants Nita to be a business partner so that they can grow the company. He ends up telling her about Sam’s deal with Grandmother and that her company will shut down the next year if they can’t reach the profit goals. He begs her not to tell Sam till he comes to an agreement with Nita.

Mon agrees and even comes to his aid when she thinks Sam is shouting at him. However, Kirk is touchy with Sam and she tells him not to do it in front of outsiders. They bicker like a couple while Mon looks disappointed that Sam categorized her as an ‘outsider’. As they leave the office, Mon is upset and rejects Sam who asks her out to lunch.

Sam ends up at Mon’s house with gifts and she waits for her with Mon’s parents. Mon is surprised to see Sam who follows her to her room. Sam is delighted to see her photos all over Mon’s room. Mon tells her that she was hurt that Sam called her an outsider in front of Kirk. Sam tells her that Mon can call her anything and she tells Sam to be her dog as they will love their owners unconditionally.

Sam starts acting like a dog and starts biting her. She asks Mon to call her Cham Cham as a nickname and whenever she says the nickname, Sam will kiss her. They laugh but Sam then gets serious and apologises earnestly for calling Mon an outsider.

At Jim’s wedding party, Mon looks around for Sam but only sees Kirk. She finally spots Sam who comes on stage to dance with Jim, Kade and Tee. Kirk compliments Sam’s dancing and wonders where she got the time to dance. Mon agrees and says she didn’t even see her practice before bed. Kirk is surprised she knows this and she covers it by saying they were working over call. Kirk is happy that Sam is enjoying herself and decides to give her a surprise and asks for Mon’s help.

When the girls get off the stage, Jim jokingly tells Sam and Mon to stop stealing the spotlight and Kirk is confused. However, the guests keep complimenting Sam and Kirk and take them away to socialise as a couple which makes Mon feel like an outsider. Their friends ask Mon if Sam ever proposed to her and she says no. She asks them if they know anything and they get awkward and deflect the question

At that moment, Jim decides to do the bouquet toss and Sam brings Mon to the front who catches it. Jim calls Mon to the stage to celebrate but, unfortunately, Kirk chooses that moment to propose to Sam with an engagement ring. Mon tears up while Sam looks uncertainly between her and Kirk.

The Episode Review

Okay, so Nop may have some wise words for Mon after all. We see that what he says is truly happening as Mon – who always looked up to Sam – keeps getting disheartened when Sam doesn’t behave perfectly. Mon was shocked at Sam being rude to Tee and Jim for playing around with her and again wasn’t happy with the way Sam patched up with Jim.

She also doesn’t know about the second half of Grandmother’s deal and so is bound to be more hurt when Sam inadvertently agrees to Kirk’s proposal as they are already engaged with the proposal at Jim’s wedding just being a formality.

But having Sam being worried and apologising to Mon multiple times was pretty much the highlight of episode 6 of Gap: The Series. From sending Mon cute videos and gifts to acting like a puppy and kissing her, Sam knows how to make Mon happy.

We do wonder how they will patch up in the next episode since it’s doubtful that Sam will reject Kirk in front of their friends and family since they are anyway engaged.

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