Gap: The Series – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Love And Hate

Episode 7 of Gap: The Series has Mon running away from Jim’s wedding. Sam tries to go after her but stops. Mon cries in bed as Sam hesitates outside her home. Kirk calls Sam and apologises for putting her on the spot by giving her a ring and she asks him to give him some time. 

At the office, the rest of the employees congratulate Mon on the success of the Diversity Pop page. It is revealed that she took two days off and at the same time, so did Sam. They think their boss is sick and Mon goes to her house to check in on her. Sam is curt and tells her to leave.

The next day, Sam wants to fire Mon for not fulfilling the deal of the Diversity Pop page getting 500k followers in one month. The employees remind Sam that one day is left and the page only needs 1000 followers more. The employees try to cheer up Mon but she is discouraged.

Mon meets up with Yuki, Tee, Kade and Jim who are shocked that Sam would fire her over 1000 followers. Mon tells them that Sam has kept her at a distance since Jim’s wedding. They don’t believe that Sam truly wants to push her away and brainstorm as they try to find the real reason.

Tee, Kade and Jim call Sam to dinner and tell her that Mon has applied for a job at Tee’s company. She is upset but when they ask why she fired Mon, Sam deflects. They instead talk about how a good fit Mon would be at Tee’s company. Sam is furious and tells Tee that she can’t have Mon. As she leaves, the trio conspiratorially laugh. 

It’s D-Day and the employees try to encourage Mon but they remember that Sam pretends an employee is dead after they are fired which doesn’t help her mood. She goes to say farewell to Sam and gives a long, emotional speech about how she was her role model to a distracted Sam who is busy with work. Sam tries to interrupt her but Mon stops and keeps crying. Sam looks perplexed and tells her that she is not firing her today and to go back to work. 

Mon is confused and Sam thinks about the moment she got jealous over Tee recruiting her. She tells Mon to live in the present and Mon is annoyed as she wonders why Sam is so flippant with her. Sam doesn’t answer and Mon says she will quit. Sam goes after her, telling her that she can’t quit and that she likes her. Mon insists that since Sam always says the opposite of what she feels, she probably hates her and leaves. 

Mon tells her friends about the argument and they believe that Sam is actually saying what she means as she likes Mon romantically. She doesn’t believe it and they also tell her that Sam has no feelings for Kirk and that she always brightens up when she is with Mon. Mon finally admits that she has feelings for Sam and would like to date her. Her friends are excited and coach her on how to ask her out. She is flustered and tries to leave but runs into Sam who had been called there by Kade.

Sam pulls Mon to the side and tells her that she truly does like her. Mon can’t help but cry which leads a flustered Sam to wonder what to say as she keeps repeating that she hates her and likes her. Mon blurts out that she wants Sam to be her girlfriend and Sam instinctively says yes. Both get awkward as they realise what they have said. Sam says she didn’t believe Mon felt the way she did and asks her not to cancel their deal later and they hug.

Their friends cheer and bring drinks. They bring up Mon’s next obstacle which is Sam’s grandmother but she assures her not to worry. Mon also asks why Sam wanted to fire her and she stutters as she brings up the no-office romance rule. Mon finds it endearing as she realises that Sam had always liked her. Mon also tells a sulking Sam that she was never working with Tee and they only made it up so that she would finally realise her feelings.

They spend the next day together shopping and getting their nails done together. Sam even gets her a 1st day anniversary. Ya from the office sees Sam who tells Mon to hide. They worry that people from the office might find out. They go home and Sam tries to flirt with her asking her to have a bath together. Mon asks her to be straightforward and she agrees. They get in the bath together and while they are nervous at first, they get comfortable and hug.

The Episode Review

Okay, saying the opposite of what Sam feels was cute right till she had to confess to Mon. The confession scene was painful to watch as it felt like a breakup scene with Sam sharing her true feelings multiple times for the first time only for Mon not to believe her. We could understand Mon as we too have seen the hot and cold attitude of Sam. But we also couldn’t help but feel for Sam as she wishes she could do something as her words do not reach Mon.

But of course, this is a rom-com so if we had tears in episode 7 of Gap: The Series, we also need a burst of laughter with that totally cute proposal scene. And while Sam could have taken a better route in finding a loophole in the whole no-office romance policy, her trying to explain that she fired Mon as she wanted to date her was adorable. While we always wondered if they would secretly date in the office, Sam firing Mon to date her seems absurd but accurate for someone like our ice princess with a heart of gold.

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