Gap: The Series – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Game

Episode 5 of Gap: The Series shows a jealous Sam appearing at Mon’s home and pushing Tee out of the way. She brings Mon prawns and is curt to Tee who reveals that they took selfies together and dropped her home to tease Sam. Sam is furious and says she is not talking to Mon.

Sam is rude to everyone at work. But alone in her office, she doesn’t know what to do as she waits for Mon’s text and is happy when she does. Mon offers to treat her to a meal and make up with her. Sam acts difficult but she enjoys Mon trying to be cute with her. She ends up taking her to the restaurant that they were supposed to go to for their date. 

Mon is excited about the prawns and Sam sulks that she is not paying attention to her. She asks if Mon is popular and Mon accepts it saying she is well-liked at the office with even Chin flirting and sending her emojis and stickers. Sam wants to say more but she is interrupted. Mon brings her dessert and Sam asks her if she now knows her well enough.

She asks Mon what does she like about her face and Mon says it is Sam’s nose. In a not-so-subtle way, Sam pretty much confesses as she proposes a trade where Mon can bite her nose if she can bite her lips. Mon says that friends don’t do that and Sam declares that they are not friends. But before they can kiss, they are interrupted by Nop’s phone call.

Sam drives Mon home and tries to kiss her again. It seems like deja vu as before they can kiss, Nop who is waiting at Mon’s home comes and knocks on the car. Sam shoots daggers at him but Mon gets out of the car. Sam is jealous and asks if he is her boyfriend. He hints that they can be something more and Sam asks Mon to clear it up. Nop confronts Mon about the almost kiss with Sam. She is frustrated and tells him to stop as she will never have feelings for him.

At work, the employees think Sam is keeping an eye on Mon because she is the mole. Sam gives Chin an impossible task so that he cannot send Mon stickers anymore. She is also upset that Mon hasn’t accepted her friend request and keeps sending her tons of stickers. Mon finds the whole thing endearing as she notices that Sam’s Facebook account name is ‘I am your Boss’ and has a default profile picture.

Mon ends up biting Sam’s nose and asks her not to punish Chin because of her. As Mon tries to leave, Sam stops her and bites her lip. She asks Mon to work at her house so that she will be comfortable. Mon asks if she is actually asking her to stay over and Sam pretends it is Mon’s idea and agrees.

Sam basically channels her inner sugar mommy and buys Mon pink pajamas. She can’t help but stare at her while they work and pretends to be sleepy so they can stop working. Sam is straightforward as she asks her to stay over more often. Mon asks what does this make them and Sam says that they are friends who kiss each other. Before Mon can protest, Sam asks if they can continue with their trade. They kiss and Mon asks what if people see them? Sam suggests that they should only play the ‘lip bite’ game when they are alone and Mon agrees.

At work, they cannot stop thinking about each other’s lips. The employees get excited over the kissing scene of Secret Crush On You (our heroines’ previous drama) and Mon is all flustered. She gets further nervous when she sees Sam’s Facebook post asking her to make out and tells her to stop. Sam points out that she only has one Facebook friend and that’s Mon who doesn’t believe it.

Mon tries to leave and Sam stops her and tries to kiss her. But before they can, they are interrupted by Jim texting Mon. They plan on surprising Sam for her birthday which is the next day and Mon is excited.

Mon gets her first pay cheque and looks for the perfect birthday gift. She runs into Sam at the mall and asks if she is stalking her. Sam accepts it which amuses Mon. But Sam keeps pestering her about shopping till she finally tells her that she was looking for a birthday present. Sam tells her not to spend it on her but save it. When Mon insists, Sam tells her to give her the money and she will buy something for herself.

The next day, Mon and her friends throw Sam a birthday surprise and they get Mon to sing her a song. Sam’s friends buy her expensive gifts and Mon is upset. Sam sees her and goes to her. She reveals that she bought a lip balm with Mon’s money and gives it to her. Mon feels pathetic and Sam tries to cheer her up by putting the lip balm on for her. When Mon asks why she used her birthday present for her, Sam reveals that it’s not the lip balm she wants but her lips and kisses her.

The Episode Review

Looks like Sam has finally given in to her feelings and we can’t help but rejoice just like Mon. Sam being her sarcastic and blunt self but wanting to kiss Mon is probably one of the cutest confession scenes. However, Nop really needs to take the hint and go away as he really does seem to have a talent for interrupting Mon right when she is making some headway with Sam. Seems that Nop really went from being the clingy side character no one cares for to becoming the most hated character in the fandom.

We also finally go from the shy Sam who doesn’t know how to express her feelings to being confident now that she knows Mon likes her. We get a charming and suave Sam who easily flirts with Mon, asking her to stay over at her place and buying her gifts. But she is still the loveable and awkward little ice princess who acts calm and cool in front of Mon only to be delighted and feel her heart racing when she is alone.

But the rules of the ‘lip bite’ game that we very much loved in episode 5 of Gap: The Series could probably break Mon’s heart as Sam insists on only being friends and says that they should only do it when they are alone.

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