Firefly Lane – Season 2 Episode 3 “I’m Coming Out” Recap & Review

I’m Coming Out

Episode 3 of Firefly Lane season 2 starts with Kate having a steamy dream about Johnny. It must not be easy to still be in love with him and have the guy around the house.

In a flashback, Tully remembers coming back to Firefly Lane after her big fight with Kate where they ended their relationship. Kate has a new friend and Tully feels left out.  They miss each other but both are stubborn and won’t admit it.

In the end, Cloud – who has switched a new leaf after being released from jail – decides to do something. She sends Tully over with some food to return a pot to Kate’s place.  The girls start bickering again but admit that they missed each other and make up.

In another flashback, Kate remembers the time when her parents came over for Thanksgiving and Johnny decided to do everything in his power to win them over. Kate’s parents don’t like him because they know he slept with Tully and Kate’s dad finds his accent too posh. The parents arrive early and find Johnny doing a strip dance and things get awkward.

During the dinner, Johnny tries his best to get Kate’s family to like him but he keeps making mistakes. He even talks about how he doesn’t believe in marriage and knows no happy couple. Naturally, Kate’s parents take offence to this. They are more charmed by Dan who tags along with Tully. She and Dan were working on a story to bring down Benedict  Binswanger.

A woman who used to work for him approaches to reveal his secrets and she and Dan were hoping they would get the big scoop. The woman tells Tully that she met her as a child and knew her mom. Binswanger hurt Cloud and has been keeping many secrets. Unfortunately, they don’t believe her as she has Alzheimer’s and thinks she is making it up.

After dinner, Kate asks him if he meant what he said and he insists he doesn’t believe in marriage but does love her.

Back in the present, Kate and Johnny accidentally find Marah’s secret on her laptop. They think she might be gay and Kate decides to subtly tell her that she can be her safe place. Sean and Johnny don’t think it is a good idea but Kate has already made up her mind.

Elsewhere, Tully is trying to get her career back but her non-compete clause doesn’t allow her to be on television. Her agent suggests that she turns to the internet and start a blog. Tully is not sure the blog idea will work but she gives it a try. She records a video of how pissed she is about being sued and Cloud helps her upload it on her domain.

On the other hand, during a family dinner, Sean confesses to his parents that he is gay. His dad is shocked and his mom believes he is just going through a mid-life crisis. Johnny is roped into this drama when Margie suggests that going to Iraq was his mid-life crisis but he knows better now. Johnny tells them he is only back temporarily to recover and he and Kate are still divorced.

After the dinner, Sean confronts his mom for pretending not to know he is gay. Kate decides to cheer him up by taking him to a gay bar with Tully. Kate is hoping to get her mind off things. She has been worried about Johnny and how he has been acting angry and lashing out. Johnny decides to go drinking alone and gets into a bar fight.

The Episode Review

We know the accident is a big part of the changes about to come but they keep teasing us without telling us much. Johnny has PTSD and Kate is right, he needs to talk to someone before it pushes him further into the darkness.

It was nice to see Sean finally coming out to his parents and Kate embracing him. She is trying to do her best for Marah because she wants her to know she will love her no matter what. Sean didn’t get acceptance from his parents and she doesn’t want history to repeat itself.

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