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Firefly Lane is a Netflix original series that follows the lives of two women who have been friends since the early 1970s.  The drama tells the story of Tully, a free-spirited woman marked by the trauma of being raised by a drug-addict mother and a father she never knew. On the other hand, Kate is little miss goody two shoes who comes from a slightly dysfunctional family and is a bit shy and reserved.

The two of them become friends and even though their characters are truly opposite of each other they get along well and have been able to maintain their friendship for more than thirty years.

The first part of season 2 picks up where we left off in season 1 with Johnny being hurt. Once again the girls stick together to get through the rough times life throws at them. There is also a cliffhanger about the mysterious accident and what happened. Thankfully, we learn more about the accident and why it led to the girls’ fallout as witnessed at the end of season 1.

As expected, there is some new romance and even old flings that crop up.  A few deeply traumatic secrets are revealed and the answers don’t necessarily bring the comfort these characters were hoping for.

As is to be expected of the show, it still maintains its non-linear narrative which is a bit exhausting and confusing at times. The story weaves through three decades 1970, 1990 and 2000, with viewers left guessing which timeline they are in.

The constant time jump back and forth is exhausting, to say the least, and in some cases unnecessary as it doesn’t add much to the current timeline. It makes the tone and pacing of the show seem a little off. Especially when they distribute different key parts throughout the nine episodes. I suppose they were trying to create a little mystery but viewers can decide for themselves if they like this structure or not.

Overall, the show still maintains the same production as in season 1. They still use the yellow hues for the 70’s and they didn’t botch up the fashion of the 1990’s. The actors play a younger version of themselves in the 1990’s flashback and they manage to make it look believable.

Other than the non-linear narrative, the show is actually quite good and hits the soapy notes just right. There is drama, mystery and even a sense of nostalgia.

Season 2 will be the final season of the show and only time will tell whether the show will end on a high or a lull. Part 2 will have seven episodes but will it answer all the questions we have? So far, the first nine episodes of part 1 feel a bit lacking despite some nice moments. Hopefully, that might change in the next part.

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  • Verdict - 6/10

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