Firefly Lane – Season 2 Episode 2 “On The Road” Recap & Review

 On The Road

Episode 2 of  Firefly Lane season 2 starts with a flashback of Cloud banging the door on a house as it rains heavily. She is carrying infant Tallulah in her arms and desperate, screaming for someone to let her in. A maid opens the house and tells her that the homeowners are not in. She apologizes and closes the door on Cloud. Cloud continues, saying that Tallulah is part of their family and they can’t ignore her forever.

In the present, Tully is moving into a new apartment and trying to put the memories of Max and their short-lived marriage behind her. Her annulment is officially done and she is trying to forget about her miscarriage.

In another flashback, Tully and Kate sneak out and try to track down Tully’s dad. They don’t have money so they hitchhike and get to the town in the picture Tully found in her mom’s old stuff. The man Tully thinks is her dad ends up being a bartender who worked with Cloud when she was pregnant. Tully is disappointed that he is not her dad.

The girls end up getting into a big fight after Kate refuses to run away with Tully. Tully gets angry and calls her a fake friend before ending their friendship.

After helping Tully move into her new apartment, Kate returns home to find Charlie and Johnny having a few drinks. Charlie makes a snide comment about how Tully can afford a new apartment while being sued. Kate tells her that Tully is already planning her grand comeback and she is not one to be underestimated. Charlie agrees and lauds Kate for always being Tully’s personal cheerleader and calls their friendship cute.

Marah interrupts this awkward moment when she enters the kitchen looking for a torch. Johnny offers to help her and leaves Charlie and Kate alone. The two women talk about Johnny’s recovery and how Kate has been so supportive. Charlie who never misses a beat uses this chance to brag about her career and the high-profile men she has dated.

In another flashback, Tully remembers covering a story in the 1980’s about a guy named Benedict Binswanger who is running for Governor. Benedict embarrasses her when she asks him a question. Another journalist, Dan, tries to cheer her up and they bond over the lack of a father figure in their lives. They end up having sex but Dan tells her that he doesn’t want a relationship. This leaves Tully shocked because normally she is the one who tells men that. The situation gets worse when he shows up at her workplace the next day as the new reporter.

Back in the present, Tully brainstorms with her agent on ways to get around her non-compete clause and get her back on TV. So far, it is looking bleak and Tully feels discouraged.

Meanwhile, as they drive Marah to her school camping trip, Kate reminisces about the first time she and Johnny went on a couple’s trip and how he confessed his love for her. However, this trip doesn’t end as she had hoped. Johnny draws a clear line between them and tells her that he has no plans of getting back together with her.

On the other hand, Tully feels lonely so she asks Cloud to move in with her. She confides in her that she is not okay and is still reeling from her miscarriage. She tells Cloud she needs her as she doesn’t want to be alone. Cloud understands her and agrees to move in with her.

The episode ends with us learning that the man who opened the door for Cloud after she refused to leave the mansion is none other than Benedict Binswanger. He asks her to step out of the rain and get inside with baby Tully.

The Episode Review

Kate has always been there for Tully but it was unfair for Tully to ask her to run away together. She knew that was asking too much but she was angry and in pain, although this doesn’t excuse her behaviour.  At the end of the day, Kate had her family to consider too, she just can’t up and leave simply because Tully asked her to.

It will be interesting to see how Benedict Binswanger fits into Tully’s past. Is he her father? Is that why Cloud refuses to tell Tully who her father is?

Lastly, Kate is right about Johnny acting strange, he seems to be angry and lashing out at any little inconvenience. Sadly, Kate feels disappointed that he doesn’t want to get back with her.  I think it is a good thing he didn’t lead her on and gets her hope high. It is tragic but less painful.

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