Firefly Lane – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

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Episode 6 of Firefly Lane begins in college as Tully continues to sleep with her professor Chad Wiley. We’re in the 80’s and this professor offers her a lucrative offer of joining him at the local station in North Carolina. As Tully chuckles nervously, she speaks to Kate about this offer later on. Kate however, is looking forward to Johnny returning home.

Kate gets all dressed up at work and arrives to greet Johnny wearing a red dress. Their conversation is short-lived though by Carol arriving and badmouthing Tully, telling Johnny that the girl has an attitude problem. Well, Johnny’s missed a lot since since traumatic trip in El Salvador, as Kate happens to be dating Mutt now. Johnny meanwhile, is determined to get his traumatic story out.

As he phones the local newspapers and networks, apparently his story isn’t “part of the demographic” which immediately gets his back up.

Eventually the group head out, with Tully and Chad joining Mutt and Kate at the art gallery. While they do, Johnny gives an impassioned plea at the office to try ad get his story out one more time but unfortunately no one is interested.


Back in the 70’s, Kate makes a bold choice to wear white jeans to school….as she starts her period for the first time. Oh no! Well, Tully congratulates her for the first step to womanhood. Thankfully Tully drops her shirt, creating a makeshift skirt. Kate meanwhile, borrows Tully’s jeans.

As the school bell rings, school bully Marnie starts badmouthing Kate and Tully. When she mentions the senior in the woods, Kate hits her with a swift right hook. Well, the rumour about Tully and Kate together continues to spread across the school as the two eventually head out together hand in hand.


In the present, Kate awakens Tully who continues to postpone doctor appointments regarding her pregnancy. Max is happy and being very supportive too… which Tully immediately becomes suspicious of. After all, it must be that he’s got an angle and not just happy to be a Dad, right?

Well, an agitated Tully arrives at work but she’s not happy about Johnny texting on his phone while she practices her lines. As she storms off, Kate tries ringing Travis and eventually manages to bag herself a date with him. Well, she also gets some good news from Kimber, disguised by some backhanded insults, about an article she’s allowed to write. She needs 1200 words on her desk in 2 days.

Meanwhile, Johnny is determined to press ahead with this El Salvador story after it fell through in the 80’s. Tully winds up on a date with Max…who brings her to meet his family. The day goes well, with Tully play croquet and getting along with the different guys and gals.

Tully continues to think there’s an angle though but Max eventually speaks to her alone that evening. Tully asks whether he’s in love with her which he replies with a passionate kiss. Actions speak louder than words and all that!

Kate heads out with Travis and the two hook up together. However, they begin kissing on the table where Kimber’s article has been published. Kate catches a glimpse of this and immediately gasps, realizing how much of a damning assessment of Tully’s lifer this is. With a cover title labeled “hart-less”, things look bad for our famous reporter.

The Episode Review

Episode 6 of Firefly Lane deepens the relationship ties in the different timelines as Johnny’s story about El Salvador is woven through the stories as a way of showing us the horrors outside this soapy drama. The only problem is, it doesn’t work alongside the sitcom-esque humour and the melodramatic romance.

Instead, the majority of this episode centers around how Kate and Tully handle romance, with the 80’s timeline seemingly gearing up for a love triangle with Johnny.

Beyond that though, Tully’s prospective pregnancy on the horizon is definitely a big talking point. The dramatic article is all the rage and will almost certainly test Kate and Tully’s relationship going forward. Is this breaking point for the pair?

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