Firefly Lane – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Sweet Child ‘O Mine


Episode 5 of Firefly Lane begins with a montage rudely interrupted by Tully throwing up in the morning. Getting dressed up, she heads back on stage ready for The Girlfriend Hour to begin. After though, she heads home and speaks to Kate about her pregnancy. Kimber rings to check up on her scheduled interview with Tully but despite Kate reassuring her boss that everything is sorted, she wants her to check again.

Meanwhile, Marah heads out with Johnny and they talk about the current complicated situation their family have. Johnny sticks up for Kate though, telling their daughter that it’s not her fault and although he still loves her, the pair are just not able to make things work.

However, their conversation is cut short by their dog Axl doubling over and whimpering on the ground. Unfortunately the vet confirms they need to put him down.

Back at the studio, we’re told that Cloud passed away when Tully was a teenager but there’s no records to show that. Tully begins shaking while she’s interviewed, eventually leaving as she finds it hard to dig up the past.

Instead, she leaves the show and remains determined to find Max, determined to break the news that he’s the Father of their child. She asks to go for a walk, so he suggests buying her a hotdog. After spending time together, Tully eventually tells him she’s pregnant as the elevator doors shut.


Speaking of pregnancy, our 80’s timeline here follows Kate pregnancy as she has a scan with Johnny and Tully both in attendance. Given it’s supposed to be Kate’s day, Tully is the one who gains the plaudits given she’s a famous anchor.

Kate starts freaking out, worried about how much her life is going to change after having a child. Tully tries to make her feel better that evening by heading out for drinks (Kate’s drinking water). However, Tully also has news that she’s got a new job offer but she’s worried as it means leaving town. Unfortunately Kate’s water breaks which interrupts this discourse as she’s rushed to hospital.

There, Johnny arrives and immediately berates Tully for getting involved. In true TV fashion, Kate pushes twice and the baby is out. Don’t you just wish childbirth was that quick? Anyway, upon seeing the child Tully freaks out and backs away to the doorway, thinking back over her past.

This moment is only made worse outside the door when Johnny mentions how it’s the three of them now, deliberately excluding Tully from this familial set-up.


Back in the 70’s, Kate confronts Tully about her lies and demands she bring her stuff back. She doesn’t want anything to do with her after the cancer lie and heads back home to wallow in her own frustration. Inside, Margie asks her daughter to try and see Tully’s way of thinking.

Well, Cloud heads over and drops off her book, calling Kate a bright light and inadvertently calling her Kim too. When Kate heads back in, she notices her Mum on the phone to an unknown person in the kitchen and believes she may be having an affair.

Kate calls Margie out for it in the car too, as she watches Tully in the rear view mirror. Margie dances around this question but eventually convinces her to head out and talk to Tully. Kate is not happy but her hostility is lessened when Tully calls Kate her best friend. The pair admit they missed one another as they embrace and make up.

As the episode closes out, we’re briefly back in the present as Kimber turns up at the diner and finds Cloud. She’s very much alive.

The Episode Review

As we cross the halfway point of Firefly Lane, this soapy drama continues to weave its three timelines together to mixed effect. Tully’s pregnancy is a nice twist of course and thankfully she broke the news to Max right at the end of the episode too which is good.

Alongside that is a story featuring Kate’s family dog, Axl passing away. Although sad, we’ve had absolutely no time with this dog so it’s difficult to really feel anything for this family’s woes. Again, a more linear narrative may have actually helped this one, especially if we saw this dog grow up over time.

For now, Firefly Lane continues to deliver enjoyable enough drama but it also feels like it could be so much more.

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