Firefly Lane – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Total Eclipse Of The Hart

Episode 7 of Firefly Lane begins with another glimpse of the funeral in 2005 as Kate mentions how Tully would have known how to say goodbye.


We then jump back to the 70’s as Cloud encourages Tully to own the stage.


In the 80’s, Tully’s big break begins as Carol’s injury gives her a solid month to make her mark on the network. Well, first up she heads down to the trailer park to see her Mother who’s unhappy with Tully working for a mainstream news outlet. Tully hands over some money for her Mum but lies to the others, telling them that her Mother isn’t there.

Tully heads to the bar next and changes the TV channel to show her broadcast and revel in the applause and cheers. As the group celebrate her big win, Johnny and Tully continue to grow closer together. Well, with Kate and Mutt heading out to hook up, Johnny is clearly jealous but disguises it in a heady cocktail of alcohol.

Kate has a less-than-memorable sexual encounter with Mutt while Johnny and Kate hook up together. However, they’re incredibly loud and are unaware that Kate is in the room next door, listening to them go at it.

In the morning, Kate is caught up over Johnny and believes Tully’s only interested in him because Kate was first. Frustrated, Tully heads into the convenience store to pick up some supplies but unfortunately a man with a gun shows up to rob the place.

Johnny sees this as her big chance and encourages Tully to report what she’s seeing. The robber, however, notices this and shoots her in the shoulder. Thankfully Tully is not too badly hurt and as the robber leaves, Kate rushes in to comfort her friend.


In the present, Kate apologizes to Tully but she tells her best friend it’s not her fault. She’s more unhappy with Cloud than anyone else, likening her to Freddy Krueger. However, her stress and worries are amplified when she has a baby scan and sees the child growing inside her.

After, Tully and Johnny join together to come up with tangible solutions to deal with this PR issue. It’s suggested they bring Cloud onto the show to air things out but that’s not something Tully’s willing to do.

At the same time, Kate storms back to work and confronts Kimber over the article, who learns that Tully never responded to her so she just ran with it. Unhappy and enraged, Kate eventually walks out and quits her job. Kimber simply shrugs, telling the girl that she’s a reporter and was just doing her job.

Back home, Travis and Kate hook up but Johnny heads home and notices them together. Well, this is the last of his problems as it turns out Tully has gone missing. In reality, Kate has head back to Firefly Lane to see her Mother, confronting Cloud over what she’s done.

Her Mother apologizes, claiming she had a bad life but admitting that she’s clean now. Apparently Kimber twisted her words but it’s too much for Tully to take, as she turns and walks away.

Kate eventually finds her best friend on the roof of her childhood home. It turns out she bought the place 3 years prior but she hasn’t been inside since. As they sit and talk together, Tully admits she definitely wants the baby now.

As we cut back to 2005, Kate and Marah prepare for the funeral as Tully rocks up. Only, she and Tully clearly aren’t talking and there’s definitely something that’s happened between them. What could it be?

The Episode Review

Episode 7 of Firefly Lane deepens the ties between Kate and Tully, showing how they always find a way to stay together no matter what. In a way, this best friend tie they have, across 30 years, is a little toxic.

After all, Tully is quite controlling, flamboyant and jealous of Kate’s love life, especially given she was unable to have this thanks to Pat’s heinous act in senior year. By comparison, Kate will drop absolutely everything for Tully and even quit her journalism job after what happened to her friend.

Still, it’s a minor quibble in what’s otherwise an enjoyable enough soap. Disappointingly though we get very little of the 70’s timeline again. In fact, there’s barely enough to write a single sentence in this recap!

The real mystery now though comes from whose funeral all these characters are attending in 2005. Who could it be?


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