Final Fantasy XVI Guide: “Hide, Hideaway” Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 16 Guide – Main Story Quest #8

Hide, Hideaway begins immediately after Fast Traveling to our first Hub area of the game. You’ll be returning here a few times during the early hours, and this will essentially serve as your Mission Hub and Base of Operations. You can walk around if you wish, but there’s not much need to do so, given we’ll be getting a few Side Quests shortly. The map of the area has a few different locales, but they’re not populated right now.

For now, head up the left-side staircase next to the tavern and make your way into Cid’s room. It’s marked with a red dot and is relatively easy to find. Open the door and watch the next cut-scene.

The Fetch Quests Begin

There’s a bit more start/stop gameplay here, as you head back to the main hallway of The Hideout. Here, you’ll be told to meet the Blacksmith, so follow the same red dot down the stairs back whence you came and you’ll find him right in front of you. Give him the Continental Rum that Goetz gave you, and you’ll be graced with a guide on how to craft and improve your gear. Remember those crafting items you’ve been given as battle rewards? Here’s where they’re used!

Talk to Goetz again and another cutscene will start. Following this, head up to the group that’s just arrived and you’ll be tasked with bringing the healer, Tarja, to him. Follow the sign to the infirmary, where you’ll first meet Tarja.

After another cutscene, that sees Tarja use her healing powers in the main atrium, go and talk to the very contemptuous Charon. Much like the Blacksmith, she’s not exactly thrilled to be serving patrons, but she does have some handy gear for sale, which can be bought with Gil. Close the menu when you’re done and Charon will point out some supplies on the other side of the path. Once you pick these up, a brand new area in The Hideaway, which serves as a Training Hub called the Areta Stone.

There are also two new Side Quests that become available here too, which are marked with Green Exclamation Marks; ‘Make Do and Mend‘ and ‘Food for Thought‘.

Watch the next cutscene, and when you’re done with the Arete Stone, fast travel to The Greatwood, which will now be available on the World Map. In doing so, this’ll mark the end of this chapter.

A Chance Encounter

Fanning Embers

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