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Final Fantasy 16 Guide – Main Story Quest #68

As soon as you arrive at Origin, a cutscene will start before entering this final fight. Here, Ifrit, Phoenix and Bahamut will fight off against Ultima Prime in a Cinematic Clash. Check out the next scene and then when you gain control again, walk toward the Core. Here, there will be another cutscene and then the final fight against Ultima will begin.

Boss Fight – Ultima

Tips for Beating: The final fight against Ultima will bring everything you’ve learned and the skills gained in battle to this pivotal moment on the battlefield. There are an array of moves that Ultima will use and by now, you should be familiar with his aggression from the first fight. This is similarly another Three Phase fight, and it’s a big one.

Phase 1

Ultima will use an array of different moves, including both a Charging Attack and a Grabbing Attack, which will both do a good deal of damage. The latter is also used twice in quick succession, so keep your eyes peeled for that one! There’s also Pummel, which will see Ultima make three punch attacks come in your direction, closing the distance each time.

Holy is a familiar light-based attack that FF veterans will be used to, and here it’ll hit with two areas; a circle around Clive’s location and a second with multiple circular areas that explode with damage after a few seconds.

Rift will see him open the ground with a tear and then after a few seconds, will erupt with energy. This is well-telegraghed though so be sure to watch the patches of the ground that this avoids.

Flare, Energy Rain and Divebomb are all variations of projectile moves you’ll be familiar with already, while Ultima sees your foe charging up an attack with a huge radius. Make sure you get as far away from this as possible, and don’t even bother hitting with projectiles until after this fiht has been done.

Finally, Divine Swords is a quick attack that sees multiple circles appear around the boss that move away immediately with large swords bursting up through them. And then there’s Smite, where Ultima will teleport to your location and hit you with a two-hit beam, with him teleporting either side.

Eventually you’ll best the first Phase of this tough fight, and be sure to try and save your potions as best you can, using Limit Break as a way of hitting quick attack combos and replenishing bits of health.

Phase 2

The second Phase of this fight will see you back in the air again, similar to the fight against Behemoth. There’s a slew of projectile and melee attacks here, but you want to particularly watch out for Spinning Saw. The move looks deceptively easy to dodge but it’s followed up by a one-two punch that can catch you off-guard if you’re not paying attention.

There are a number of lightbeam attacks here, one of which being Stellar Xyston and its upgraded brother Dimachairos, splitting in two and being difficult to dodge. However, use your Brimstone and Spitflare as soon as they’re available. Don’t wait for staggers on this part of the fight, and try to be as aggressive as possible. The longer this one drags on for, the more variation on attacks that Ultima will use.

Eventually, he’ll charge up his ultimate attack, and the familiar purple bar will return. Try and attack him as quickly as possible when this happens, using Ifrit’s abilities and knocking him out as quickly as possible. When he’s been bested, we’re onto the third and final Phase…but there’s three separate sections in this bit.

Phase 3

In each of these phases, Ultima will only use abilities from the chosen Eikons that he’s fighting with. Each part of this fight is split into three Cinematic Clash prompts in a row. Once you’ve successfully completed those, you’ll move onto the next mini-phase of the boss fight. Those are as follows:




The final phase is, predictably, the most aggressive and the moves will be a variation of abilities we’ve already seen up until this point with Ultima using elemental-specific spells. Of course, there’s no elemental weaknesses so it doesn’t matter which ones you use against him.

When you get the Phoenix phase down to a small portion of health, a final cutscene will ensue, followed by a Cinematic Clash. End Ultima’s existence with another, final Cinematic Clash.

Finishing the game!

After you’ve beaten Ultima, watch the cutscenes and pat yourself on the back. You’ve just completed the main quest of Final Fantasy 16, hoorah!

Back to their Origin

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