Final Fantasy XVI Guide: “Riddle of the Sands” Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 16 Guide – Main Story Quest #41

Once you fast travel to Velkroy Desert, we’re onto the next leg of our journey. You’ll notice this is a large open desert area, with plenty of places to go. However, it’s also worth noting that this desert region is spit into three distinct smaller areas, with chasms on each side so you won’t be able to wander as far as you’d like, which is a shame.

Trekking Through The Desert

Either way, the big, leaning structure sticking out the sand ahead is your first stop on this journey through the desert. Feel free to take as long as you like but when you’re ready, press on. Once you reach this area, the red marker will shift to further on down the road. Pass the travelers with their Chocobo and you’ll reach a much larger town, which is our destination – Dalimi Inn.

Watch the cutscene that follows here, as Uncle Byron doesn’t pay attention to your need to keep a low profile, and a fight inside the bar will break out. After defeating the enemies that arrive, watch the cutscene.

Once that’s done, progress forward and watch another short cutscene. The task here will then change, requiring you to talk to a few people nearby and find our who Ruzena Dalimil is.

Meeting Ruzena

Follow the marker across to the other side of town, where you’ll find the Riverboat Captain. A little further on within a separate house is Ferda, who will tell you to go to the Bordello. This is simple enough, just follow the marker forward on this path. After watching the cutscene, you’ll have some more bandits to take care of.

Once you’ve defeated the bandits, watch another cutscene before we finally get to meet Ruzena. He’s been in the middle of town this whole time but he’s not just going to drop everything and help without us completing a subquest for him first! Approach Ruzena and he’ll give us a new compulsory mission to complete before progressing forward. It’s also worth noting here that new side quests become available too and all of them require you to complete tasks in this area. If you wanted to, feel free to complete those at the same time.

Story Subquest #42 – Getting to Work

After talking to L’ubor, your first task is to go and talk to everyone with a green marker above their head. Once you’ve done that, spealk to the Serving Girl in the central bazaar. Go up the stairs and turn left, weaving around the upper level. Watch the scene and speak to Byron afterwards. The next step is a new location marked on your map, further south.

Don’t leave town through the same entrance you originally came from, as those aforementioned chasms will stop you progressing to your target. Instead, walk deeper through town and then take an alternate exit out. Follow the arrow out, and be sure to use your Chocobo if you wish to speed things up.

When you get close, you’ll be ambushed by soldiers. This will come in two waves, so be sure to take both sets out. After, watch the cutscene to see how the quest ends.

80 Wyrrite 1 Meteorite 300 EXP
800 Gil 15 Renown   

Toward Drake’s Fang

Once Follow the Crystals is done, a cutscene will see L’umor arrive and then you’re back in town again. He’ll give you the Desert Rose Seal and you’ll also find that the south gate out of town is now opened. Follow the path south, through a much more linear area. Once you activate the Jaw Obelisk, a new cutscene will play out, showing off your next destination – Drake’s Fang. Once it’s marked on your map, you’ll be ready to fast travel over, and start the next part of your journey.

Bolts from the Blue

Into the Darkness

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