Final Fantasy XVI Guide: “Capital Punishment” Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 16 Guide – Main Story Quest #38

After fast travelling to Rosalith, Capital Punishment will begin. This is a long chapter too so be mindful of that, and prepare for some tough fights ahead too. Go up the road and wait for the next scene to play out. Open the gate past the soldiers and go up the ladder. Follow the path along and back down again, heading through town. After another cutscene, there’s a further group of bad guys to take out.

Move through a gap and up some more steps, before taking out even more enemies. Proceed forward, through the next gap, and face off against more enemies. Finally, climb the ladder and keep going until you come to a gate. Open it up and be prepared to fight (yep, you guessed it!) even more enemies.

Climb up the stairs and then the wall. When you get to the castle, kill the enemies and watch the cutscene, as we have our first mini boss fight of the chapter.

Mini Boss Fight – Coeurl

Tips for beating: Coeurls are familiar foes in most Final Fantasy games, and 16 is no exception. Here, expect to be dodging a lot and watch out for a few of this big cat’s moves too, as they can be particularly damaging.

Whipcrack will see the Coeurl charge up its whiskers before trying to hit you in an attempt to deal damage. The range is actually much bigger than they may expect, so be wary of that when dodging.

There’s also Electrocharge too, which Coeurl will start using after staggering it for the first time. Much like the Iron Giant battle, this will see the red health bar turn purple so be sure to hit as many Eikon abilities as possible, along with possibly Limit Breaking too. Should Clive fail to disrupt this, Coeurl’s attack will almost certainly kill Clive so it’s imperative that you stop this asap.

If that wasn’t enough, there will also be small electrical charges across the map during this time, so be sure to dodge your way closer to Coeurl when this occurs. Post-Electrocharge and after the stagger that follows by interrupting this, expect a fiercer opponent still. Coeurl will be much stronger, and it will also try and trap Clive, using a new electrical charge skill that will see Clive confined between two lines of lightning either side.

Keep using your Eikon abilities throughout the fight, preferably by making sure you use Gouge and Wicked Wheel in quick succession. As mentioned earlier, Limit Breaks also work well here, and make sure to utilize Deadly Embrace too when the stun bar is halfway for an extra attack advantage.

1 Coeurl Whisker 20 Sharp Fang 20 Magicked Ash
300 EXP 60 Ability Points 2000 Gil

To The Throne Room

After beating the Coeurl, watch the cutscene before regaining control. When you do, go right and leave this dungeon area. On your way up through the castle, keep your eyes peeled for any healing items like Potions that might be lying around. You’ll need them for the fights ahead!

Progressing along this linear path, you’ll come to the doors leading out of the courtyard. Here, you’ll face a lot of enemies, that come in several waves too. Make good use of your Eikon abilities and if you’ve unlocked it, Flames of Rebirth is an excellent choice. It has a massive range and can inflict a good deal of damage, along with replenishing part of your health too.

Ramuh’s Pile Drive is another good option too, along with Scarlet Cyclone. Once you’ve dealt with everything here, go through the first door, collect your bearings and proceed through the second, where you’ll find Hugo Kupka waiting for you, sitting on your father’s throne.

Boss Fight – Hugo Kupka

Tips for beating: Be prepared for a titanic fight here, as Hugo Kupka packs one heck of a punch. This is another two Phase fight, and you’ll need to keep you wits about you throughout as Hugo’s abilities are not for the fainthearted.

Phase 1

During this first Phase, Hugo will predominantly use combination moves combined with Earth-based magic spells. On the melee side of things, watch out for One-Two Combo and Blocking Rush. The latter sees Hugo summon two giant fists that cross over and one another and rush toward you. Dodge out the way of this. As for the One-Two Combo, Hugo will lunge at you with a punching attack, followed by a kick.

Hugo also has a pretty nasty uppercut too, and you’ll go flying if he hits you with it. Be sure to Dodge this as soon as the giant fists appear.

A variation to Blocking Rush comes in the form of Sledgehammer, which sees Hugo rush at you shoulder-first. Should he connect with this, it’s followed up with a nasty smash down into the ground, which can do serious damage.

Should Hugo block any of your attacks, be mindful of Block Explosion too, which will see him follow-up a block with a hefty Uppercut.

Phase 2

Once you deal enough damage (usually after the first Stagger), a short cutscene will ensue, before the ground will give way and you’ll tumble under the throne room to a more formidable battleground.

You’ll now be fighting Semi-Primed Hugo so be careful, as he’s much more aggressive and has some new moves too.

Geocrush will see Hugo dive underground, with a large splash damage radius. It’s easy to spot as, just like the previous boss fights we’ve encountered, the ground will illuminate. Be sure to get out this area before Hugo bursts up with a big fist.

Hugo’s Uppercut has been upgraded now too, as he’ll punch forward with a second stone fist. Don’t be duped into letting your guard down here either with this one. The more damage you do to Hugo, the more combination moves are added.

Weight of the Land sees Hugo create circular areas across the ground that explode, while Landslide sees a single line appear across the battlefield, which will see the land rise up.

Finally, Tumult (a jumping attack that sends out shockwaves when he hits the ground) and Force of the Land (another splash damage attack, this time with horrible spikes) are also worth watching out for.

When Hugo is nearly out of health, he’ll use two more devastating abilities. Torment is a long attack so don’t even try to evade this and get a Precision Counter in, just get out the way. He’ll use a combo of projectiles, punches and shockwaves.

Earthen Fury is simply a larger version of Stripmine, another splash-based attack that will see a much larger radius across the battlefield than before.

As you can see, Hugo has a lot of different moves at his disposal and they can absolutely cripple you. In terms of battle technique, keep your distance and use Phase 1 as a way of feeling your way into the fight. Keep hitting him with projectiles, and when you’re confident you’ve seen the way Hugo hits, move in with your attack combos.

Finally, be sure to stop attacking Hugo completely when he starts blocking, and use that time to recover, using any potions you may need. The second Phase will be much tougher so use your Garuda abilities here to get that stun bar down as quickly (and safely) as you can.

When Hugo is nearly out of health, make sure you try and finish the fight as quickly as possible. If you have the health for it (and a couple of back-up potions too) go kamikaze style and use a good combination of Eikon abilities back to back to avoid Torment or Earthen Fury from being used! Eventually you’ll knock Hugo down.

1 Earth Shard 35 Steelsilk 2 Meteorite
1200 EXP 270 Ability Points 4000 Gil

Once you beat Hugo, watch the brutal cutscene that follows. When it’s over, head back to the Hideaway to finish this epic quest.

Fire and Ice

Bolts from the Blue

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