Final Fantasy XVI Guide: “After the Storm” Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 16 Guide – Main Story Quest #37

After fighting through the mountain and defeating those bosses, we’re back at the Hideaway again. After the Storm will start immediately as the scene opens. Before continuing, be sure to check in with Charon’s shop and also the Blacksmith too, along with completing any new side quests and Hunts that may be available if you fancy taking a slight detour.

Catching up

When you’re ready, head over to the infirmary. Jill is still recovering so go and check on her. Open the door, and a cutscene will ensue. After, you’ll find yourself back in Clive’s chambers. Head back out to the mess area and speak to Otto. After checking in with him, go and see Vivian for another briefing and an update on the world.

Once you’ve been updated on the history and what’s happening, we’ll automatically be back on the World Map, where we need to head for Rosalith. When you’re ready, select this and we’ll start our next main quest.

Fire and Ice

Capital Punishment

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