Final Fantasy XVI Guide: “Black Light Burns” Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 16 Guide – Main Story Quest #33

Your next task as Black Light Burns begins is to get to the Lazarus District. After seeing the way blocked at the gates, you’ll backtrack over to a set of iron gates right at the end of this area on the right. Once you push open the gates, keep going down the main road and you’ll come to a cutscene.

It turns out you’re not alone in the Lazarus District, and you’ll be ambushed by a bunch of bandits. They’re not too much trouble, and since they come from all sides, be sure to use your Scarlet Cyclone to damage a lot of enemies at once.

The Assault

Once you’ve defeated all the enemies, you’ll end up with another cutscene, this time reintroducing some familiar faces from the past. Among them is Wade, and the other Guardians of the Flame. This reunion is short-lived though, as Wade needs your help.

Story Subquest #34 – Black or White

Wade has a plan to attack the Black Shields but a lack of reinforcements has prevented him from doing so… until now. With Clive and Jill, he’s got just the ticket for am ambush. Let’s make haste!

Wade will join you as you head up to Brewit Bridge, which is basically the courtyard area you travelled past where a bunch of travelers are locked outside iron gates with soldiers on the other side. As you approach though, be ready for a big fight as these Black Shields have a hefty number of combatants.

Among the two waves of enemies you’ll fight in this area is the Knight of the Lasting Dark, who appears briefly in a cutscene in the middle of this fight. He’s not too difficult to dispatch, especially with so many Eikon abilities at your disposal, so be sure to use Garuda’s wind powers like Wicked Wheel to get that stun bar down quicker.

You’ll get a good chunk of rewards from this, coupled with finishing this subquest and completing Wade’s quest.

80 Magical Ash 1 Meteorite 1 Imperial Link
1 Dragon Talon  20 Wyrrite  6 Sharp Fang
12 Magicked Ash 210 EXP 180 Ability Points
900 Gil    

After The Battle

Once you’ve done this, be ready for a long cutscene before fast travelling back to the Hideaway.


Here Be Monsters

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