Final Fantasy XVI Guide: “Bloodlines” Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 16 Guide – Main Story Quest #32

Once you arrive n Hawk’s Cry Cliff, Bloodlines will start. You’re actually in the southwestern area of Rosaria that was previously inaccessible. Follow the objective pointer forwards to reach the small town of Amber. This is a pretty big, open area so feel free to explore should you wish. There are packs of enemies dotted around, along with some stray items too.

When you’re ready, head to the little village and watch the cutscene.

There are now two villagers marked that you’ll need to speak to. The first is immediately in front and the other is leaning against a fence on the left. It’s a small area so it’s easy to spot both of these.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll have one more person to chat with, someone sitting against another house on the left.

Travelling to Port Isolde

After chatting to the locals, your next stop will be Port Isolde. Keep progressing forward along this narrow path, and on the way you’ll have a few sets of enemies to contend with. Be sure to take the left path when you come to a fork in the road as there’s a chest here with Bull’s Horn Braid (Lunge Damage +5%) which is pretty useful.

After crossing the large bridge and watching a short cutscene, you’ll then need to defeat a group of Black Shields ahead.

Once you’ve done this, proceed forward and head through the gate ahead. Keep going southwest toward the marker, past Brewit Bridge until you reach the Port Isolde Obelisk. When you get nearer, another cutscene will ensue, bringing an end to your current quest.

The Gathering Storm

Black Light Burns

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