Final Fantasy XVI Guide: “Holding On” Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 16 Guide – Main Story Quest #20

After the scene outside with Cid, start heading toward Eastpool after heading over the now-repaired bridge. Before leaving, there are a couple of Side Quests here, should you wish to undertake them. Along the way though, you can interact with a monument that looks a bit like an Arette stone but right now, it doesn’t serve much purpose.

Phoenix Gate

After exploring this open area, head toward the quest marker. After some cutscenes and obtaining some new armor and gear, follow the objective to the gate at the north end of town. However, you won’t e able to progress just yet.

Before you can leave, the mayor asks for a favour, having seemingly heard what a bang up job Clive has been doing in Martha’s Rest. This brings up another Subquest.

Story Subquest #21 – Back in the Day

You’ll find the elderly Bearer by a well by following the quest marker. Head to the middle of the area marked and speak to two marked villagers nearby.

the second mentions that this old man is usually cared for by the handles in the stables. If you then journey onto the entrance of town, you’ll find the stable-hand there.

Next, head on out of town and follow the objective south, to an area that branches off and opens up to a large, open field. Take out the enemies here and chat to the old man afterwards. After talking to him, you’ll automatically be returned to town, and it’ll end this sub quest.

10 Magicked Ash 1 Meteorite 40 EXP
 100 Ability Points  1200 Gil

Passing the Gate

Once you’ve finished the Mayor’s request, you’ll be able to progress forward and through the gate. Once you pass The Dim Obelisk, you’ll be jumped back to the world map. Here, select the Phoenix Gate Ruins to progress forward and finish this quest.


Buried Memories

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