Final Fantasy XVI Guide: “Homecoming” Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 16 Guide – Main Story Quest #17

Homecoming sees the first big area of the game open up. Jill now joins Clive, and she’ll be using her AI commands to hit enemies with ice attacks. The pair are heading for Phoenix Gate, determined to learn the truth about the tragedy that befell them 13 years prior.

Martha’s Rest

In Rosaria, your first task is to head for Martha’s Rest. This is the large structure you’ll see before you on the map. The way there is pretty big, with large open fields full of different enemies. The items are not all that great, in truth, and if you intend to do all the Side Quests here, there’s not much point in exploring either as there’s not much to see.

When you’re ready, follow the path to the north west, where you’ll find yourself ascending a wooden bridge before entering Martha’s Rest. Once here, speak to Martha. we’ll have our first array of main story subquests to deal with.

Story Subquest #18 – Building Bridges

You’ll need to find Bernard, who’s needed to fix a bridge in Martha’s Rest. Go outside from the tavern and use the ladder to the right of the opening to town. This leads down to the marshes. As you descend, Clive will notice a man in trouble, with several enemies around him. Head over and fight the enemies around him.

After defeating the enemies, watch the little cutscene that ensues and head back to Martha to report back.

1 Meteorite 50 EXP 100 Ability Points
1100 Gil    

After completing this task for Martha, she’ll have another for you to do too. I mean, while Bernard is fixing the bridge I guess we need to kill some time!

Story Subquest #19 – A Bearer’s Lot

Once you’ve accepted this quest, head west and down the lift by punching X when prompted. Here, we’ll be in the Sorrowise region. There’s a few different types of enemies here, but for now, head toward the Abbey in the distance.

Once you reach the entrance, there will be a cutscene to watch.

Head back to Martha at the tavern by warping to the Obelisk on the map. Once you’ve done this, you’ll complete the subquest and receive the Slumbering Chocobo curiosity.

5 Steelsilk 5 Bloody Hide 2 Gil Bug
30 EXP 1000 Gil   

After completing both these sub quests, simply head outside the tavern and the main quest will automatically finish. Next stop – Eastpool.

The Hunter and the Hunted

Holding On

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