Final Fantasy XVI Guide: “The Wages of Guilt” Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 16 Guide – Main Story Quest #15

After the cutscene, The Wages Of Guilt will begin with you needing to talk to Cid. You’re back in the Hideaway post-fight. Do note that the Blacksmith and also Charon have new items. The former, will allow you to craft a new sword, Stormcry, thanks to the Windshard gained from defeating Garuda.

When you’re ready to continue, head over and speak to Cid. Your next goal is to leave the Hideaway and meet up with Gav in Kingsfall. He’s been tracking one of the citizens there whom he believes to be the Dominant of Fire – the same man who destroyed Caer Norvent.

Once you’re stocked up, open the world map and select The Kingsfall to continue the story.


The Hunter and the Hunted

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