FBI: International – Season 2 Episode 14 “He Who Speaks Dies” Recap & Review

He Who Speaks Dies

Episode 14 of FBI: International Season 2 begins with Kellet and Erdos out on a date. Erdos invites Kellet to his place for dinner that Friday and then they kiss. How exciting! Finally, love is once again on the cards for Kellet.

Elsewhere, in an airplane flying from New York to Athens, a man is trying to have a heart-to-heart talk with his son, but he doesn’t seem interested. One of the passengers goes to the bathroom and finds writing on the mirror saying “BOMB.” Panicking, she informs one of the flight attendants, and other passengers overhear her. So, everyone starts panicking, and the pilot announces that he will be making an emergency landing. Suddenly, the man who was trying to have a conversation with his son has what seemed like a heart attack.

At Budapest, the team is notified of the airplane’s bomb threat. They immediately head to Morocco, where the plane makes an emergency landing at a private airfield. With the high number of American passengers on the plane, it is believed that al-Qaeda may be responsible because of the death of one of their leaders, which the United States is responsible for.

The team arrives at the private airfield and are met by one of the local police officers. They also find the man who had a heart attack being taken by paramedics to the hospital. His son, Tyler Kemp, insists on accompanying his dad to the hospital, but the paramedics refuse.

Tyler tells the team what happened, and Forrester asks Raines to take Tyler to the hospital to be with his dad. Meanwhile, Forrester and Smitty go to search the airplane; Vo takes pictures of the airplane’s passengers and crew while Kellet helps the local police search the passenger’s luggage.

Forrester and Smitty are taken to the airplane’s restroom, where the writing on the mirror is. So, Forrester asks the police to search for a marker pen in the passengers’ luggage that was likely used to write that message on the mirror. Then Smitty finds a syringe in the restroom’s trash and suspects it was intended to blow up a bomb, a classic al-Qaeda move.

While taking the passenger and crew’s photos, Vo meets a US Air Marshall, Glenn Shaw, who was assigned to that airplane. Vo asks him if he noticed anything unusual on the airplane. Glenn tells her that this may be a prank because a couple of NYU students were on board. There isn’t anything else suspicious found in the airplane, but Forrester asks for a chemical analysis of the contents of the syringe Smitty found in the restroom.

Raines and Tyler arrive at the hospital and find out his dad was never brought there by the paramedics who took him. So, Raines calls Forrester to inform him that he may have been kidnapped.

This man, 61-year-old Mike Kemp, is a US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent who recently transferred to the Netherlands. He had led Europol to capture tons of drugs owned by a Moroccan mafia, which explains why he was kidnapped.

Vo then discovers the syringe had a controlled substance, benzodiazepine, that may have been used to drug Mike so he actually didn’t have a heart attack. Kellet mentions she saw one of the paramedics injecting Mike with something, suggesting the paramedics were in on the kidnapping.

Vo goes to ask Glenn for a list of people allowed in the airplane with controlled substances. On the list, they discover one of the people who had benzodiazepine on the plane was the doctor who performed CPR on Mike when he fell ill in the airplane. Kellet questions him, but the doctor actually had Xanax pills, which is a benzodiazepine. He had them to control his anxiety during the flight. Since the doctor had Xanax in pill form and liquid form that was in the syringe, he’s eliminated as a suspect.

The team tries to find out how someone bypassed security with benzodiazepine without being discovered. Vo then points out that an Air Marshall bypasses airport security without being checked. So, this makes Glenn a suspect. Just then, Erdos sends Kellet a photo of him eating a doughnut because they were talking about Hungarian and American doughnuts on their date earlier. So cute!

Later, Vo questions Glenn while searching his bag, and she finds a liquid substance with benzodiazepine. Glenn confesses that the leader of the Mafia, Hassan Zazaar, ordered him to hide a syringe with the substance above a particular passenger’s seat. It turns out Hassan is threatening to blackmail Glenn as he has been working for him secretly. The problem is Hassan is untouchable in Morocco.

Vo asks Glenn if he knows which passenger sat on that seat and used the syringe, and he tells her he can identify him. The team heads to the private airfield but finds the passengers are gone. They head to where the passengers are boarding a bus to go to local hotels, and a man suddenly begins running away.

Forrester and Raines run after him and capture him. Forrester later questions him, but he doesn’t say anything. They discover he has a family that lives somewhere in Morocco. So, Raines takes him to a street in Morocco and threatens to let him out of the vehicle if he doesn’t say anything. If Raines lets him out, it won’t take long for Hassan to have him killed as he thinks he has cooperated with the police.

Finally, the guy breaks and tells Raines about an abandoned house where Hassan may have kept Mike. The team arrives and spots the ambulance that took Mike to the airfield earlier. They get in and find an injured man who tells them that Hassan’s men are transferring Mike to another location.

The team follows those men and, fortunately, finds Mike alive. He’s injured but alive. Later at the hospital, Tyler goes to see his dad, who tells him that the DEA has transferred him back to New York so he can spend more time with him.

Back in Budapest, Kellet goes to Erdos’s place for dinner as they had agreed. He overhears Erdos arguing with a woman. Kellet knocks on the door, and Erdos requests her to wait a little. Kellet starts leaving when Erdos stops her. It turns out the woman Erdos was arguing with is his sister. Phew! They were arguing about which recipe to use to make doughnuts for Kellet. Either the American one, since Kellet mentioned earlier that she missed American doughnuts or the Hungarian one.

The episode ends with Kellet and Erdos making out in his house.

The Episode Review

For a minute, I thought Erdos was playing Kellet, but I’m glad it wasn’t what I was thinking. I’m happy for Kellet getting into a new relationship after Forrester. Erdos seems like a good guy, so let’s see how this goes.

This episode’s case shed light on the challenges people in law enforcement face. Apart from being in danger most of the time, many people in law enforcement don’t get to spend as much time with their families as they should. This leads to a lot of tension between them and their families.

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