FBI: International – Season 2 Episode 13 “Indefensible” Recap & Review


FBI: International Season 2 Episode 13 begins with Kellet and a Lieutenant, Benedek Erdos, training police officers at the Hungarian National Police station in Budapest. Kellet demonstrates a fighting technique to the police officers with Erdos’s help, and Kellet ends up hurting his arm. Erdos brushes it off and assures Kellet he’s fine.

Elsewhere in Budapest, a man is in a house, taking out documents from a safe. He gets into his car afterwards, but it explodes. Unfortunately, a girl passing by this man’s car gets injured when it blows.

The team receives the news about the car explosion. Vo updates everyone about this case. The man whose car exploded with him inside is Neil Cobb. He’s an American lawyer representing a chemical company, Avercol, in a lawsuit filed against them by its workers in its branch in Budapest.

The workers are suing Avercol because they were exposed to a harmful chemical, Cadmium leading to most of them getting sick. The girl passing by Neil’s car when it exploded and got injured is 14-year-old Margo Halmi. Forrester assigns everyone on the team their roles in this case, and they all get to it.

Forrester, Kellet, and Smitty arrive at the crime scene. They find police already at the scene, including Erdos. Kellet is shocked to see Erdos’s arm in a sling. Erdos briefs Forrester and Kellet more about Neil and Avercol. Neil’s car had a bomb.

Smitty collects the bomb residue to take it to forensics and reconstruct it. Kellet asks Erdos if his arm is okay, and he assures her it is. He takes this chance to formally introduce himself to Kellet.

At Neil’s house, Vo and Rained update Forrester on what they’ve found so far. The house Neil was opening the safe earlier is actually his. And his car exploded just outside his house.

Just then, one of the associates in Neil’s firm, Elia Cruz, arrives at his house and insists on knowing what’s happening. Forrester and Vo go to question her, but she’s afraid of speaking. But Forrester encourages her to speak.

Elia mentions that Neil’s job was to ensure the lawsuit didn’t make it to trial and that the settlement paid to the workers is as little as possible. Kellet then brings a note left on their car’s windshield, saying they should secure the files. At this point, one of the workers may be behind Neil’s murder.

Later, Vo informs the team that Smitty discovered the main ingredient in the bomb, suggesting it most likely was homemade. Vo also informs the team that one of the workers filing the lawsuit against Avercol is Daniel Simon. Daniel had access to chemicals in his job after Avercol shut down, including the main ingredient used to construct the bomb that killed Neil.

Raines and Vo go to Daniel’s house and find he’s sick from the Cadmium effects. They take a look around the house but don’t find anything. Daniel’s wife directs them to the lawyer representing the workers for more information about the lawsuit.

Forrester and Kellet go to meet the lawyer, who takes them to a meeting of the workers. While in the meeting, Raines calls Forrester to inform him that the phone records of the burner phone on Neil’s body show he called a local number not long before he was killed. Raines traces the number, and Forrester and Kellet discover it belongs to one of the workers, Pálma.

They bring in Pálma for questioning. Pálma tells them that Neil was actually on the workers’ side and was planning to expose Avercol for knowing that its workers were being harmed and not doing anything about it. She even tells them that Neil had evidence to support this claim, which explains the documents he was getting from his safe earlier. Pálma also tells Forrester and Kellet that she was the one who left the note in their car earlier. She also tells them that Neil was afraid of Avercol’s CEO, Sam Gilroy.

Raines notifies the team that Gilroy has arrived in Hungary. Then, Smitty calls to inform them that a military officer likely made the bomb and that a significant part of the bomb is missing. Forrester and Raines go to question Gilroy while Kellet goes to Erdos to ask for help in getting traffic camera footage of Neil’s car before he was killed.

Kellet goes to the Hungarian National Police station and finds Erdos with a cast on his arm, which makes her feel even more guilty. Kellet asks him for help getting traffic camera footage of Neil’s car before his passing. He agrees but asks Kellet to autograph his cast and even asks her out. Kellet writes her number. Does Kellet finally have a new love interest?

A police officer at the station gives Kellet a piece of the bomb retrieved from inside Margo. This happens to be the important piece Smitty was talking about.

Raines and Forrester question Gilroy about his involvement in Neil’s murder, but he denies it. Smitty may have identified who made the bomb using the piece retrieved from inside Margo. Vo informs Pálma that her phone was wiretapped, so someone seemed to have been listening to her and Neil’s conversation.

Kellet gets the traffic camera footage of Neil’s car, and they see Elia driving. Kellet and Vo bring in Elia for questioning, and she tells them that she was picking Neil up from a gay strip club the day she was driving his car. Elia also reveals Neil copied some files from Avercol’s server before they were erased, which could be evidence against Avercol. She also mentions that she eavesdropped on a phone conversation between Neil and Gilroy sometime back. It seemed Neil was angry at Gilroy about something.

It turns out Neil’s wife was cheating on him with Gilroy. Raines and Forrester go to question him, and he proudly admits it. The nerve of this guy! Raines and Forrester grill him further about the files Neil obtained from Avercol. Gilroy finally breaks and confesses that the cover-up of the evidence against Avercol was Neil’s idea. So, him being on the workers’ side, as Pálma said, was all just pretend.

Later, the team discovers that a car was following Neil and Elia the day she picked Neil up from the gay strip club. They trace it to a particular house, so they go there. They find tons of the main ingredients used to build the bomb that killed Neil.

Forrester discovers the house has a bomb, and they run out right before it explodes. Meanwhile, the current location of the car is found and the police, Kellet, and Forrester chase after it. Finally, the guy driving the car is captured.

The guy is a former military turned killer-for-hire. He is questioned, and he finally reveals the workers’ lawyer was the one who hired him to kill Neil. The lawyer was in a lot of debt. And when he realized Neil was about to expose Avercol, he knew his income from representing the workers would be over, so he killed him. He was also the one who wiretapped Pálma’s phone.

Later, Kellet goes out with Erdos, and Kellet is still unsettled about how this case turned out. The episode ends with them at the hospital visiting Margo.

The Episode Review

This case had more twists and turns than expected. The case exemplifies just how far people are willing to go to get what they want, even if it means hurting others in the process. I’m looking forward to seeing whether Kellet and Erdos’s interest in each other will blossom into a relationship. It would be great to see Kellet moving on from her past relationship with Forrester but in the meantime, this was a decent episode.

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