FBI: International – Season 2 Episode 15 “Trust” Recap & Review


Episode 15 of FBI: International Season 2 begins with the team except for Forrester, who’s in Washington DC, having drinks at a bar. Raines starts getting all sentimental about how much the fly team means to him. And while Kellet teases him about it, they all find what Raines said to be really sweet.

Smitty goes with Kellet to get a drink, and she asks her to show her a picture of her boyfriend, Erdos. Kellet happily shows, and Smitty points out how happy Kellet is. Meanwhile, Vo asks Raines how things are with Maya. Raines tells him she still hasn’t settled with the nature of this job. Vo points out that Maya would be crazy if she didn’t hold onto Raines with both hands.

Elsewhere in Budapest, a couple is talking about something in the Hungarian language. Then, a police officer knocks on their door, and the lady goes to answer it. When she opens the door, the police officer shoots the lady and the guy.

The next day, the team comes in, and Vo updates them on the couple’s case. The couple, Juci and Ferenc Oláh were allegedly shot by a Hungarian National Police officer, and the Hungarian National Police reached out to the FBI director in Washington requesting the fly team to help with the case.

The team arrives at the Hungarian National Police Department, and Kellet meets one of Erdos’s friends. She asks him if he has heard from him. Kellet had tried texting him earlier, but he didn’t respond. Erdos’s friend mentions he also hasn’t been able to reach him. He also points out that Erdos has been acting strange lately.

The team meets with the Hungarian National Police captain, who isn’t as pleasant as Kellet and Smitty mentioned. He updates them on the case and takes them to the crime scene.

At the crime scene, Vo suggests to the captain what direction to take regarding the investigation, but he doesn’t seem interested. It turns out Ferenc was about to close in on a huge contract, which may play a significant role in his and Juci’s murders.

Kellet and Vo question the Oláhs’ neighbour, who was the only one who saw the police officer fleeing from the Oláhs’ house after they were shot. Raines comes and tells them that no other neighbour saw what happened. Then, one of the police officers with them spots a surveillance camera nearby. So, they go to the owner to ask for the footage.

At the police station, Vo meets and questions Ferenc’s parents, who are obviously distraught by what happened. Raines then informs Vo that they found something in the surveillance camera footage. Vo calls in Kellet, who’s still trying to contact Erdos. They all view the surveillance camera footage and realize that the police officer who allegedly shot the Oláhs is Erdos!

Vo calls Kellet aside and questions whether she’ll handle this case professionally, considering her boyfriend is now a suspect. Kellet tells her while she doesn’t believe Erdos is a murderer, that won’t stop her from investigating this case professionally.

Kellet then asks Erdos’s friend if she can access the cases he was working on before this happened. Erdos’s friend takes Kellet to Erdos’s desk. He assures Kellet that he doesn’t believe Erdos killed the Oláhs. Meanwhile, Raines asks Vo how Kellet is doing after what they found out. Vo tells him Kellet insists she’s okay with continuing in this case. However, Raines advises Vo to take Kellet out of this case.

A police officer informs them that Erdos had grown close to an informant; a local drug mafia member. The team goes to the supposed location where Erdos is. Erdos then spots Kellet and brings her to a private area within that location. He tells her that he’s innocent and that he was at the Oláhs the night they were murdered because the mafia was threatening Ferenc if he didn’t back out of the lucrative contract.

Kellet asks Erdos why the surveillance camera footage shows him leaving the scene after the Oláhs were murdered. He then suggests that someone in the Hungarian National Police is framing him and are probably working with the mafia. Kellet suddenly alerts others that she has found Erdos, but he tampers with the lights and escapes. Vo comes in and questions Kellet about why Erdos escaped. Kellet tells Vo that she is fully focused on the case and she should quit questioning her about it.

Later, Kellet tries to convince Raines to help him prove Erdos’s innocence. He agrees but tells Kellet that he won’t hesitate to bring him down if she’s wrong. Just then, a police officer informs them that gunshots were heard at Erdos’s apartment, so they go there. They don’t find Erdos but discover a man who’s been shot dead. Erdos’s friend is also shot, so Kellet calls Erdos and tells him that he needs to come out of hiding as his friend was shot.

Vo then tells Kellet that she’s out of this case, and Kellet isn’t happy about it. Vo is leading this case since Forrester isn’t around.

Later, Vo brings Kellet Erdos’s laptop. Vo tells Kellet that she’s still on this case and that she said she was off the case earlier to make the police officers nearby, including the captain, believe she was off the case. Vo then tells Kellet to find out who is trying to frame Erdos.

At the police station, the team and the police discover that the person who was shot dead in Erdos’s apartment was the second bidder for that lucrative contract. And the third bidder happens to have close ties with the mafia. So, the third bidder may have eliminated Ferenc and the second bidder to get the contract.

Meanwhile, Erdos calls Kellet and pleads with her to believe he’s innocent. They try to find out who had access to Erdos’s laptop and erased the file that Erdos had created for Ferenc’s case concerning being threatened and stepping down from bidding the contract. Kellet then texts Erdos and asks him to meet her at the park so they can solve all this.

Kellet arrives at the park and meets Erdos’s friend and police partner. It turns out he was the one who framed Erdos and has been working with the mafia. He was the one who killed the Oláhs’ and the second contract bidder.

He also was the one who manipulated the surveillance camera footage to make it look like Erdos was coming out of the Oláhs’ apartment after he was murdered. The episode ends with Kellet telling Erdos they should take a break from their relationship.

The Episode Review

While I’m glad that Erdos wasn’t lying about who he really is, I feel bad for him that Kellet wants to take a break from the relationship.

But then I understand Kellet because when Erdos tampered with the lights earlier and got away, it means he didn’t trust that Kellet believed he was innocent. Trust is critical, and when someone, especially a significant other, shows any signs of distrust, it can make things very difficult.

I’m proud of how Vo handled this case as the leader. She would make a great boss one day. Also, am I the only one who thinks Vo has a thing for Raines? The way she looks at him strongly suggests she has feelings for him.

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