Fate: The Winx Saga – Season 2 Episode 5 “Are You A Good Witch or a Bad Witch?” Recap & Review

Are You A Good Witch or a Bad Witch?

Episode 5 of Fate: The Winx Saga Season 2 starts with Bloom out in the woods alone, phoning Sebastian. He doesn’t fall for Bloom’s coup though, where Rosalind and the others lying in wait for an ambush. Instead, this Blood Witch is far more interested in raising an army, recruiting others to his cause while using those scrapers to channel more magic into him.

Aisha isn’t happy that Bloom is being used as bait, but the latter wants to help Musa get her magic back, a she’s been drained dry by the scrapers after the incident at the ruins. Between doing exercises with Rosalind, she’s called out with the Specialists – and Riven in particular – to watch them spar.

Meanwhile, Sky suggests Bloom use the book as a bargaining chip to meet with Sebastian. Aisha doesn’t think it’s a good idea and has an alternate plan. She brings up how they need to “jump-start” Musa’s fairy abilities using a strange crystal. Aisha believes this is a much better – and safer – option than trading a world-ending spell book with a Blood Witch. I mean, it’s hard to argue with her reasoning.

With Andreas dead, Rosalind heads out to pay her respects at his gravestone. Bloom shows up and realizes she genuinely cared about Andreas, with Rosalind reinforcing this by pointing out that his death is “just shit.”

When she heads back, Rosalind and Silva speak to Sky, aware that someone broke into the East Wing that night. He doesn’t know who. As we find out later in the episode, it was actually Sky himself, who passed out drunk there. Silva tries to help him through this, as his grief is preventing him from training.

The fairies all conjure forth balls of energy before them, as they attempt to help Musa out – but they need more power. The only thing for it is for the chosen one to use the Dragon Flame. So Bloom uses a flame blast and channels it into the crystal. It seems to work but Musa gets cold feet and drops the rock, walking away before they complete the ritual.

With the plan a bust, Bloom decides to go ahead and meet Sebastian for the trade-off. Hey, remember last episode when Bloom was worried they were all walking into a trap? Well, she’s about to walk into one herself. As Scar from Lion King would say: “I’m surrounded by idiots.”

Bloom heads off with the book alone, saying goodbye to Sky while not telling Rosalind or anyone else where she’s going. The other fairies have bigger problems to deal with in her absence though, as their magic begins working sporadically.

Aisha believes this is as a result of them meddling with the crystal, urging the others to finish the ceremony Until they do, their powers could spark up randomly. So each of the group discharge their magic into the crystal, one at a time, which seems to do the trick.

Riven sits with Musa outside, where we learn that the latter actually willingly gave up her powers. After what happened to Sam, it seems she’s made her choice not to use magic anymore.

Meanwhile, Bloom meets Sebastian at a diner. He immediately controls everyone in the room, giving Bloom a counteroffer – hand over the book and he’ll tell her how to get Musa’s magic back. Knowledge for knowledge.

It turns out the answers are actually inside that spell book… because of course they are. Sebastian can actually read the text too, a gift he learned from his father. His dad was obsessed with the Dragon Flame, teasing Bloom and trying to seduce her into changing her bargain into learning more about her own destiny.

Sebastian points out that there are two solutions here. One, they can reverse the process through using a scraper to take that magic from Sebastian and into Musa. He’s not exactly going to do this willingly. So what of the other choice? Well, Bloom will need to kill him, then everyone gets their magic back.

After the meeting, Aisha rings and warns that Bloom needs to discharge her magic into the crystal as it could flare up in unpredictable ways. Bloom is confident she can control her magic without doing that though, and decides to take a walk with Sebastian. Will she kill him?

While we ponder this, the rest of the kids head off to see Rosalind and warn what could transpire. Rosalind is concerned that Bloom could kill Sebastian.

Meanwhile, Sebastian takes advantage of Bloom’s confliction and suggests a new offer – give him the Dragon Flame to “right the wrongs of Aster Bell” in exchange for learning more about her birth mother. Bloom refuses but Sebastian does stir things up by pointing out that Rosalind killed Dowling. He eventually walks away, leaving Bloom with a big decision to make.

Bloom confronts Rosalind out in the graveyard and learns what she did kill Dowling. When Bloom charges at her, Rosalind stops her with her own magic, pointing out that they could have ruled together as powerful fairies; an example for the Otherworld.

Rosalind wants to use the Dragon Flame, so she puts Bloom in suspended animation. Or at least tries to anyway. She taunts Bloom a little too much and as a result, Bloom blasts through Rosalind’s magic and sends a shockwave rippling through the forest. This also burns Rosalind to a crisp too, leaving the fate of the academy and the coming war in limbo.

The Episode Review

So Bloom loses control and that spells big trouble for everyone at the academy now. Once again Bloom wanders into a trap and it’s surprising how foolhardy these kids actually are. There’s nothing worse than an emotionally unstable and foolhardy protagonist, and unfortunately that’s what we’ve got in Bloom and the others.

I do appreciate that they’re supposed to be teenagers but seeing Bloom telling the others to be worried about a trap… and then walking happily into one herself is all kinds of ironic.

It would appear that Grey is also a Blood Witch, if that ending is anything to go by, and could well be the mole that’s inside the academy. That could spell disaster for Aisha too, who has finally opened herself up to a boy… and he’s about to betray her.

If you’ve made it this far, the final two episodes will hopefully pick everything up and double-down on the action.

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