Fate: The Winx Saga – Season 2 Episode 6 “Poor Unfortunate Souls” Recap & Review

Poor Unfortunate Souls

Episode 6 of Fate: The Winx Saga Season 2 starts with Silva briefing the kids. Silva has made an agreement with Bavani to try and keep Bloom under control. With restraining bracelets on, Queen Luna suddenly briefs the realm via a projection, pointing out that Rosalind is dead… and Blood Witches are to blame. At least, that’s the story to the masses anyway. In reality, she knows what’s really happened.

Meanwhile, Terra and Flora head out for a walk but on the way to the graveyard, they run into a specialist called Kat. Of course, there’s light bits of flirting because it’s been a hot minute since we got any romance or angst in this show! Terra gets her a gift but unfortunately, Kat is actually back with her girlfriend now.

Meanwhile, Grey is revealed to be with the Blood Witch and his ties with Aisha have all been a lie. He shows up to see Sebastian and the pair head inside together to discuss the plan to strike the fairies down.

As for Bloom, she has a big tribunal hearing come up. Instead of laying low, she heads out alone. Sky follows though, but Bloom tells him to keep his distance. She’s scared of her own powers and worries that she could lose control again – and hurt him. So naturally, he’s forced to leave.

In the morning, Bloom’s future is hanging in the balance. Queen Luna shows up and begins questioning her, wanting to know what really happened. Stella serves as Bloom’s advocate through all of this, pointing out about the suspicious nature of Dowling’s death. Luna shrugs that off, claiming it to be hearsay unless they can find proof.

That proof stems from Terra and Flora, who wander through the graveyard trying to find evidence. Terra is desperate and decides to use her magic to bring whatever is hidden underground. She doesn’t find a body but does find a strange magical item.

Luna is not happy, but Stella stalls for time and brings Aisha in as a character witness. Luna bites back and points out that Grey’s records have been forged and she knows that he’s false and actually in collusion with Sebastian. Aisha is crushed at this news and leaves, with Bloom deciding to take responsibility for her actions, under the guise of self defence.

Queen Luna has other plans though. She decides to put Bloom in stasis for 20 years where she’ll be re-evaluated in the future. She’s taken to the sanctum, with Stella shocked and helpless. However, Luna does take off that magic gem on Stella’s back and allows her daughter her powers back.

Speaking of back, Flora returns and figures out what this strange nest-like trinket found in the graveyard actually is. She heads down to the basement and frees Bloom from her stasis before revealing this.

Now, it turns out that this object is actually a resurrection plant. The fairies have fed it the last of the Dragon Flame from the Convergence Crystal and it opened up. And wouldn’t you know it, Dowling’s spirit happened to be inside!

It turns out Dowling was aware of what Rosalind intended to do and called on the natural world to preserve her essence, at least for a bit anyway. Dowling did so because she owes them all “one last goodbye.” She’s there to teach them one last lesson about transformation magic. I mean, she could go and tell Queen Luna or do some sort of address to point out Rosalind killed her couldn’t she? No? Oh, okay then.

Bloom and Dowling decide to head out for a walk instead, which is problematic as Bavani has figured out Bloom is gone and begins looking through the hallways. They manage to walk all the way through the academy, where they sit on a bench on the outskirts together. After a pep talk, the other fairies show up and say goodbye before Dowling disappears again.

Meanwhile, the Specialists appear at Sebastian’s compound and sneak in, prepared to stop the Blood Witches and get the upper-hand. Unfortunately, the place is completely empty. Silva realizes that Sebastian was well aware they were coming.

As we cut across the academy, it turns out Sebastian and the gang are actually inside. And guess who the mole is? Yep, it’s Beatrix. She lets him in and cuts the lights, as scrapers all begin to swarm into the basement.

The Episode Review

There are so many plot holes and contrivances in this show that it’s hard to know where to begin. The most obvious comes from the way Dowling has returned and the misuse of Bloom’s Dragon Fire powers.

With Rosalind dead, would it not have made sense for Dowling to give some sort of confession so Luna would know Bloom is innocent? Won’t she just arrest Bloom and put her in stasis again?

And on that same note, we’re led to believe Dowling and Bloom just casually walked through the entire school without seeing anyone, not even a guard, noticing them together?

These contrivances add up to a season that’s somehow worse than the first, which wasn’t very good in the first place. The characters aren’t very well defined, the “chosen one” plot is overdone and cliched while the plot has felt uneven and lacking throughout.

The finale does promise to finally give us some decent action but we’ll have to wait and see if this show can pull that off effectively or not.

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