Fate: The Winx Saga – Season 2 Episode 4 “An Hour Before The Devil Fell” Recap & Review

An Hour Before The Devil Fell

Episode 4 of Fate: The Winx Saga Season 2 starts with Andreas showing up in Rosalind’s office. He’s concerned about Beatrix’s disappearance, as it turns out she’s been gone for 3 days. He wants to do something about this, but Rosalind reminds him not to get emotional.

Meanwhile, everyone at the academy is abuzz with the new “chosen one” story with Bloom. Our protagonist shrugs it off though, with Aisha backing her up by claiming it’s just this week’s news and will die down soon.

Instead, the pair turn their attention to doing research on Blood Witches, and how that ties in with Bloom’s Dragon Flame. Apparently this magic presents itself during times of conflict. If that’s the case then one may presume there’s going to be a war soon.

Bloom has basically become Rosalind’s second-in-command now, and studying up on Blood Witches and their history. Rosalind is leaving for the capital, but encourages Bloom to keep vigilant and researching.

He’s worried that the Witches could attack but Bloom is confident that she can ward them off, given she’s the chosen one. Rosalind announces that Beatrix has been taken and reminds Bloom not to let her emotion blind her judgment in the wake of this news.

Saul Silva picks up where he left off, now in charge of Specialists outside and helping hone their archery skills. Some of the other fairies are there to lend their help, including Musa who’s encouraged to use her Mind power to steady them in the wake of attacks. For now, it’s a work in progress.

Flora helps out Terra in the greenhouse, until the former announces that she’s meeting Riven. Terra’s not exactly happy about it, although that’s quickly squashed when the kids decide to hit the local pub for some drinks now that Rosalind is out of town.

Sky and Riven are both there too, although Riven and Flora’s flirting makes Terra concerned. She eventually calls out Riven as a bad guy, but that, of course, presents issues for Flora who walks away from Terra in annoyance. Stella is absent through all of this, partly because she’s forbidden from leaving the school grounds.

There’s a good deal of drama and angst between the kids here, while Andreas meets with his contact, intending to strike a deal to find out where Beatrix is. Unfortunately, Andrea is fooled by the real Blood Witch, who happens to be watching from afar. Whoever this person is, they immediately start choking him out.

The academy kids receive a message from Beatrix, believing she’s stuck at some old ruins outside of town. The kids gather and realize that this could be in reference to an old lodge. Bloom believes this is a trap and warns against them going. Stella ignores that though and believes they should do something and rush in head-first.

At that, Bloom is forced to tell the others about Beatrix’s kidnapping. The others refuse to listen and decide to go. However, Aisha and Grey are both absent through all of this, off in the beautiful countryside discussing their hopes and dreams. And of course, the pair end up kissing too. As they do, tiny bugs rise up from the water, glowing beautifully in neon-light.

Musa joins Sky and Riven as they head to the old lodge that night. The rest of the fairies head home and twiddle their thumbs. While sitting together, Stella shows the others that magical gem attached to her back and why she hasn’t been using magic. Ashamed, she walks away.

Meanwhile, Musa and the others find Beatrix but unfortunately, they also walk into a trap. Because of course they do. Andreas is there, under control from the Blood Witches.

Musa runs but she’s attacked by the scrapers. She does manage to ring Bloom and the others with enough time to get Saul Silva involved, who suddenly appears in record time to stop a killer blow. Anyway, Musa is still inside while Sky and Riven take the chance to get Beatrix out.

While Silva and Andreas fight, Bloom heads over to see Sebastian and realizes that he’s the Blood Witch! Bloom shows up alone, believing him to be powerless. However, Sebastian has a few tricks up his sleeve, including the fact he’s been channeling fairy magic for his own devious devices.

Sebastian offers Bloom a chance to join him and learn more about her past, including who her birth parents are. It’s tempting but thankfully Aisha shows up first and saves the day. This stand-off ends in a stalemate.

Back at the academy, Bloom feeds back to Rosalind that Sebastian is the Blood Witch. Given there’s a portal in his shop, they deduce that he’s left to head back to the First World.

Meanwhile, the drama between Flora and Terra is wrapped up, with Terra admitting that she’s a bit jealous of her and Riven together but has swallowed her pride and decided to just support her friend whatever she decides to do. It also turns out that Terra is gay too, which she announces in a really touching chat.

As the episode closes out, Sky heads back to Bloom completely broken. It turns out Silva actually stabbed Andreas and killed him. Riven suddenly comes bursting into the main chamber, needing help, holding a bloodied Musa.

The Episode Review

So it seems like the identity of the Blood Witch has now been identified, and it’s Sebastian. However, his plan comes into fruition with the kids running headfirst into a trap, despite it being blatantly obvious from the start. I mean, even Bloom figured it out.

The flame wings for Bloom was a nice touch though, harking back to the original series, while the kiss between Grey and Aisha is a nice but obvious touch. And unfortunately, obvious is probably the best word for this season.

Everything here has been predictable and pedestrian, with a whole bunch of cliches and formulaic drama showing up. However, just to play devil’s advocate to my own point, there have been deaths this season so there is at least some raising of the stakes.

Either way though, the second half of this season looks like it’s about to double-down on this Blood Witch story so we’ll have to wait and see what’s in store for us next.

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