Farzi – Season 1 Episode 3 “CCFART” Recap & Review


Episode 3 of Farzi begins with us introduced to the background surrounding Mansoor’s smuggling operation of bringing the fake notes into India. Whether it be Pakistan, Nepal or any of the other neighboring countries, the workers behind this are relentless and highly efficient. The thing is, they have to be. If the group fails to reach the right market, even the best fake bills are rendered useless in the grand scheme of things. Distribution is key and once fake notes reach the mass market, it’s already too late.

Michael gathers his special task force and briefs them on all of this, informing them that they’re going to be fighting the counterfeiters as best they can. The Chief Investigating Officer here is Shekhar Ahlawat and he’s going to be helping with the Counterfeiting team. Unfortunately the abbreviation works out to CCFART, which gets a good chuckle from most of the workers.

Their target is no laughing matter though, given we’ve seen how ruthless Mansoor Dalal can be. He’s the one in charge of the entire counterfeiting system. However, they don’t have Megha on the team (yet), who’s dead-set on trying to stall a “financial calamity” and believes they need to trace back these new fake notes. Her superior, Premal, is not onboard and points out they’re just analysts and should follow the police’s lead.

Megha sees a recruitment ad for the Counterfeiting team that night and asks her superior to approve this. She’ll be back in 3-4 months but believes she needs to do this. She also has her CT-600, which is a real game-changer.

Megha is hired and immediately gets stuck in with this small-time sandwich press. Michael waves it away, not thinking it’s a big deal. However, Megha takes the initiative and decides to stamp the order and head out herself to check over the 11 printing presses in the general vicinity.

While this is going on, Firoz and Sunny get a much larger order to work through. They meet their new client at a seedy club – MLA Kesaribhai Doshi. This is much bigger than any other operation they’ve handled before. Stealing paper from the factory won’t cut it this time but they need more in order to satiate the needs of Doshi.

They register a fake company and get everything set up under the name of MKG Publishing, complete with a receptionist answering calls. This way, it gives them an alibi for buying all this paper. Unfortunately, Megha shows up at the printing press where Firoz and Sunny happen to be making their money that night, doing her rounds. Firoz and Sunny have 15 minutes until their batch is done and time is of the essence.

Yassir reluctantly heads out to buy the boys some time, and the press ends just as Megha is about to head inside. Firoz and Sunny grab the reels of print and rush for the offices to store it away. Firoz and Sunny hide in the office, but they notice Megha heading for the trash cans. This holds evidence of their handiwork and could undo everything. Just before she checks, Michael rings.

Michael is livid that she’s forged his stamp and forces her back into the office. In their absence, the boys breathe a sigh of relief as Nannu shows up and notices the boys are printing fake money. He’s confused and hands over some notes he’s found at home. He’s clearly suffering from dementia and it’s starting to get worse.

Sunny sees this whole endeavour as a blessing from God that they’re on the right track and are doing the right thing. Their Uncle is not so sure but the pair move to a new location all the same, protecting their assets. Unfortunately, they end up at a checkpoint on their way to Surat. The pair do well to hide what they have… until a bottle clinks under Firoz’s weight. It’s liquor and the guards are eventually paid off so they can continue on.

Firoz and Sunny make their trade, but get a bit cocky and ask for extra money to pay off the booze lost in transit. Instead of covering that though, they decide to blow it and go out partying. When they return to the factory though, Nannu confronts his boys and he’s absolutely crushed by what they’ve been up to. He tells them this is the greatest pain, claiming that Sunny is worse than his father. They’re forced out the printing press and now find themselves scrambling to make sense of their current situation.

The Episode Review

As we reach the halfway point of this season, Farzi is just starting to step it up a gear. We’ve got the cat and mouse chase well and truly on, even though Megha isn’t fully aware of how close she’s come to outing Firoz and Sunny.

The entire scene at the printing press was absolutely dripping in tension and it’s a miracle that the pair weren’t spotted. Sunny though sees this as a sign from God and he’ll undoubtedly continue to push forward with his plan to print more.

However, now that Nannu is aware of their operation and the pair have been kicked out the factory, it’s unclear exactly where they’re going to go from here. Will Firoz and Sunny part ways? Or is their friendship strong enough to withstand this? One thing’s for sure though, these two are about to face their greatest challenge yet.

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