Farzi – Season 1 Episode 2 “Social Service” Recap & Review

Social Service

Episode 2 of Farzi begins with a look at Sunny’s past. After his mum passed away, he’s been on the run with his dad constantly, moving from place to place and avoiding the authorities to try and stay safe. That is, until one fateful day where his father bails while they’re on a train together, leaving his son to go and see his grandpa.

Sunny eked out a living on the train platforms after that, intending to draw in order to find his father again. It doesn’t work (as evidenced by later flashbacks showing Sunny’s father dead on the train tracks) but he does strike up a friendship with Firoz. Sunny son realizes that his father had abandoned him, although in reality he was actually killed. Thankfully, Sunny is found by his Nannu, who brings Firoz onboard too.

We then return to the present in New Delhi. A woman called Megha attempts to brief a disinterest group of officials about counterfeiting and attempts to sell a piece of software called the CT-600 to try and root out counterfeit bills. The group are completely nonchalant to the whole ordeal and don’t take it seriously.

Michael speaks to his associate outside about the Kathmandu situation and the current state of the counterfeiting gig he’s in charge of. He believes this is financial terrorism and wants a team to try and combat this. However, Pawan Gahlot only has eyes for the upcoming elections right now.

Firoz and Sunny make waves with their fake notes, impressing all the right people. They manage to accrue a chat with Lakdawala, who keeps a good poker face and eventually makes a deal with the duo to bring in a good deal of fake notes. However, he wants the 10 Lakh they have on them for a contingency plan.

Naturally, Firoz and Sunny show up to see Ratanlal again and are given another loan. Only, this time it’s for a month and with a higher interest rate of 24% too. Firoz is not sure but Sunny jumps into this head-first, confident that this time will be different.

Funnily enough, Megha is also struggling too and she has a whole stack of loans that she needs to pay off. However, she gets researching this Michael character, figuring out who he is and what his ties with the counterfeiting are. Now, Michael himself is not giving up on his team and he ends up blackmailing Pawan with a whole bunch of photos to get what he wants.

Sunny and Firoz work together with Anees that night and steal stacks of paper from the nearby factory that they need for printing. Time is of the essence and while the guards are kept at gunpoint outside, the group work together to find the paper and mix it in with a whole bunch of other random sizes they don’t need to throw them off the scent.

It does the trick and the guys show up with the money with Lakdawala. They make the trade, and confirm that they have more money on the way. Sunny goes by the alias of Artist for the transaction, and not only do they pay back Ratanlal, they do so with interest.

Ananya and Sunny head out for a celebratory meal but Sunny ends up paying for the bill with his cash, unwilling to let his girlfriend use cash. He leaves a couple of his notes in the book but as they leave, the pair happen to pass Megha, who’s out on a blind date. She’s not particularly enthused by this, eventually admitting to the guy that she’s only there to appease her mum, who wants to hook her up with a doctor.

However, in the wake of all this, Megha ends up getting her hands on the counterfeit notes and checks the cash register for more. Unfortunately, Megha starts to close in on Firoz and Sunny, figuring out that the bill is a “sandwich note” and determined to find who made it.

The Episode Review

Farzi returns with another good episode, this time introducing Megha who’s undoubtedly going to get mixed up in this operation with Michael and find the counterfeiters. She has a pretty interesting moral viewpoint in all this, especially as she herself has been struggling financially.

The operation looks to be going full steam ahead now for Firoz and Sunny, but you can already tell everything is going to go badly in the future, especially given the people they’re working with. That’s not even mentioning the flashes forward we’ve been seeing too.

The drama is good though and although the middle of this episode sags a little and could have done with being tightened up, there’s enough here to enjoy all the same. Roll on the next chapter!

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