Farzi – Season 1 Episode 4 “Dhanrakshak” Recap & Review


Episode 4 of Farzi begins with Pawan off on his campaign, giving a big speech about the threat of the pandemic eating away at the economy and how they need to get the country back on its feet. He brings up a solution to try and help that, coming from Megha’s counterfeiting tech.

Meanwhile, Sunny is down in the dumps and has returned to selling paintings. In fact, he manages to sell one of his original pieces for 2000 baht. As a result, he heads out with his Uncle for dinner. It’s been three weeks and Nannu is still torn up and heartbroken about what’s happened. Sunny regrets letting his grandfather down but he doesn’t really feel guilty about the operation.

Nannu is back to printing the magazine again but when Yassir returns to the factory, the old man ends up missing. He’s nowhere to be found so Firoz and Sunny work together to try and find them. The police aren’t much help, given there’s a system for all of this and eventually they end up locked up for their  insubordination. Yassir vouches for them and signs the pair out, especially after finding Nannu wandering about in the alleyways.

Yassir suggests they leave before Nannu wakes up but when he opens his eyes, he speaks about Sunny’s mother and her cooking. Sunny holds his hand and decides they should speak in the morning. Nannu doesn’t seem to have remembered anything, so the family decide to try and find a good doctor for him.

Megha ends up sleeping at the office. Her flat’s lease is up and she’s been struggling to find another place to stay. She’s hiding from her landlady to try and stay longer. Her colleague Susan helps her out, offering for her to crash at hers temporarily.

Michael ends up with a messy set of drama too, with divorce papers given from his wife Rekha and the pair attempting joint custody of their son. It’s a difficult situation, and he eventually rings his wife’s new boyfriend, warning that he’s not going anywhere any time soon. Michael is not in a great way and he’s crashing with his parents again.

After causing a scene at a bar, Megha and Shekhar arrive to take their superior home. During the car ride, while Michael is passed out, Shekhar brings up how Michael was demoted with his partner. They recovered counterfeit cash from a drug bust and found out there was a connection between the counterfeiters and drug racketeers. Essentially, a scam within a scam.

Michael almost exposed the whole cartel but Mansoor managed to frame him for 13 cases but the charges were only quashed thanks to Gahlot’s influence. Michael was suspended and since then started drinking. Dave shot himself and that caused Michael to drink himself into a stupor; his life slowly fell apart after that.

In the morning, Michael returns to the Counterfeiting Team, where they’re shown a diagram of the fake notes working in real-time and how quickly they’ll be spotted by banks. The Central Database will give them an edge, not to mention the mobile app too. The RBI are also onboard, issued guidelines to banks that citizens unwittingly in possession of fake bills can be compensated.

Sunny and Firoz manage to get out the game just in time, as the new counterfeiting force hits Mansoor and his cronies hard. Mansoor however, may have a solution. Remember those notes that Sunny and Firoz made? They don’t trigger the machine at all and Mansoor takes an interest.

This catches us up to the moments at the start of episode 1, as Sunny is taken to Mansoor Dalal. Sunny doesn’t actually know who he is, explaining why Sunny is still alive right now. He points out what’s wrong with Mansoor’s current fake bills, explaining it needs an artist’s touch.

Mansoor encourages Sunny to come and work with him. He initially refuses, pointing out he’s quit this line of business. “Greed never dies.” Mansoor says, going on to bring up his grandfather and his health condition. Mansoor tries to talk him around nicely but when that fails, things turn nasty.

Sunny doesn’t really have much of a choice and he’s eventually thrown headfirst into this. Sunny comes around to the idea though, deciding this is their chance to get out and show off his artistry.

The Episode Review

The entire episode takes a side-step to rely on family issues and while it’s nice to see more background for the characters it also derails the pace too, which grinds to a halt.

The drama with Michael and his son is dragged out this time around, although it does go some way to help with his motivations and why he’s so invested in this case.

The final 10 minutes are pretty good though and seeing Sunny and Firoz now forced to work with Mansoor Dalal is almost certainly going to cause a whole world of problems going forward.

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